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Carbon Steel Pipe Rubber Linings & Coatings ( Rubber Liner ) From JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Is Very Popular In Wear-Resistant Applications. Rubber Linings Is The Products That Making Rubber Lined Into The Interior Of A Circular Steel Skeleton , Such As Rubber Lined Pipe , Elbow Piping , Pipeline Spooling Works , Or Rubber Lined Tank Or Rubber Lined Vessels . Or Other Steel Frame Inside Need Be Connect With Rubber Liner . Mainly Uses The Wear Resistance Of Rubber , Plays The Role Of Resistance To Wear And Protection Of Steel Skeleton .
Rubber Coatings Is Our Productions That Bonding The Rubber On The Surface Of Steel / Aluminium Alloy / Metal Frameworks . It Mainly Makes Use Of The High Elastic Properties Of Rubber And Plays A Buffering Role . In This Way , It Can Resist The Impact From The Outside And Protect The Attached Parts .

Rubber Lined Steel Products Is JinRuiDa Industry Solutions.,LTD Main Productions , Rubber Means Casting Rubber Linings . Besides Linings And Coatings . Rubber Mold Castings Parts Also Is Our Main Business . Almost All Rubber Parts Need To Make New Mold And Cast It .

Rubber Has Too Many Forms Of Existence . Our Business Is Casting Rubber Elastomer.
The Physical Characteristics Of Rubber Linings Have Obvious Advantages , Which Are Compatible With The Dual Characteristics Of Plastic And Rubber Materials . Rubber Linings Can Be Processed By Any Traditional Process Of Polymer Materials According To The Environmental Requirements . Such As Mixing Molding, Liquid Casting , Melting Injection , Extrusion , Calendering , Blow Molding , Rubber Coating , Spinning And Mechanical Processing . Rubber Linings Are Widely Used In Many Industries .

(1) A Wide Range Of Hardness . It Also Has Excellent Rubber Elasticity And Elongation At High Hardness .
(2) High Strength . Under The Hardness Of Rubber , The Tensile Strength And Tear Strength Of Rubber Are Much Higher Than Those Of Natural Rubber , And The Impact Strength And Bending Strength Of Rubber Are Much Higher Than Those Of Plastics Under The Hardness Of Plastics .
(3) The Physical Characteristics Can Be Adjusted In A Wide Range . Many Physical And Mechanical Function Indicators Can Be Changed In A Certain Range Through The Selection Of Raw Materials And The Adjustment Of Formulation To Satisfy The Different Needs Of Users For Product Functions .
(4) Wear Resistance . It Has a Good Name Of " Wear-Resistant Rubber " .
(5) Oil Resistance . The Oil Resistance Of Polyester Rubber Elastomer Is No Less Than That Of Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber , Which Is Equivalent To That Of Poly Sulfide Rubber .
(6) Excellent Ozone Resistance , Working In High Ozone Environment , There Will Still Be No Obvious Aging Phenomenon .
(7) It Has Good Shock Absorption , Radiation Resistance And Air Permeability .
(8) Various Processing Methods And Wide Applicability .
These Advantages Are The Reason Why Rubber Are Widely Used In Military , Aerospace , Acoustics, Biology And Other Fields .
Any Rubber Products Need , Contact Us By Email : sales@rubberlinedpipes.com, We Will Contact You With The Most Professional Technical Service Staff .

Rubber Lined Pipe Is a Kind Of Pipeline Equipment With Steel Pipe Or Other Hard Materials As The Pipeline Skeleton And Rubber With Excellent Properties Such As Wear Resistance, Anti-Corrosion, High Temperature Resistance And Low Temperature Resistance As The Lining Layer. It Combines Metal Characteristics And Rubber Characteristics Into One To Form a Combination Of Hardness And Softness.
Through The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Rubber, The Effect Of Pipeline Transmission Medium On External Pipeline Structure, Such As Impact Force, Corrosion, Etc., Is Reduced. The Pipeline Has The Properties Of High Strength, High Wear Resistance, High Corrosion Resistance And High Temperature Resistance. Thus, The Comprehensive Service Life Of The Pipeline Is Greatly Prolonged And The Project Cost Of The Owner Is Reduced.

1. Excellent Structure:
The Pressure Performance Of The External Steel Pipe And The High Wear Resistance Of The Rubber Layer Are Combined Into a Whole By Adhesive. Hot Sulfur Chemical Technology Is Used For Compound Vulcanization And Molding Through The Professional Vulcanization Equipment Of Jinruida Company.
It Overcomes The Disadvantages Of Pressure Resistance And Non Wear Resistance Of Steel Pipe, Wear Resistance And Non Pressure Resistance Of Plastic And Rubber, Fragile Frp And Poor Impact Resistance. At The Same Time, It Has The Common Advantages Of Steel Pipe And Wear-Resistant Rubber, And Has Excellent Comprehensive Cost Performance.

2. Good Wear Resistance And Long Service Life:
The Wear Value Test Results Are Generally In The Range Of 0.03 ~ 0.20 Cm3 / 1.61km, About 3 ~ 5 Times That Of Plastic, And The Wear Resistance Is 4-6 Times Higher Than That Of Steel Pipe.

3. High Strength:
High Impact Resistance, Low Density Of Rubber Elastomer (1.3g / Cm3), Light Weight, Good Vibration Absorption Performance And Excellent Mechanical Impact Resistance. High Strength, Good Rigidity, No Creep, Impact Resistance, Earthquake Resistance, Strong Water Hammer Resistance, Easy Transportation, Installation And Maintenance.

4. Excellent Corrosion Resistance:
The Lining Rubber Adopted By Our Company (Jinruida Industry Solutions) Has Very Stable Chemical Properties, Can Resist The Erosion Of Most Corrosive Media And Organic Solvents, And Is More Resistant To Corrosion Than Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Nylon, Abs And Other Plastics.
In Addition To Strong Oxidizing Acid Solution, It Can Resist Various Corrosive Media (Acid, Alkali And Salt) And Organic Media (Except Naphthalene Solvent) Within a Certain Temperature And Concentration Range. It Is Soaked In 80 Organic Solvents At 20 ℃ And 80 ℃ For 30 Days. There Is No Abnormal Phenomenon On The Surface And Almost No Change In Other Physical Properties.

5. Wide Temperature Range:
The Desulfurization Rubber Lining Pipeline Can Be Used For a Long Time In The Range Of - 40 ° C ~ + 140 ° C, And The Rubber Lining Layer Will Not Be Separated From The Steel Frame Due To Temperature Change.

6. Energy Saving And Good Lubricity:
The Operation Resistance Loss Is Small And The Operation Cost Is Saved. The Inner Wall Of The Desulfurization Rubber Lined Pipe Is As Smooth As a Mirror, And The Absolute Roughness Is Only Ra 0.02668. The Rubber Lined Pipe Has Good Self Lubrication And Non Adhesion Performance, And The Running Resistance Is About 20% Less Than That Of Ordinary Steel Pipe, Which Can Save a Lot Of Power Transmission.

7. Long Service Life:
The Aging Life Is Excellent, And The Service Life At Normal Service Pressure And Temperature Is Over 15 Years (Theoretical Value). After 6-8 Years Of Service, The Pipe Rotates Nearly 90 ° Once, And The Service Life Will Be Longer. The Rubber Lined Pipeline Can Be Used Repeatedly For 4 Times To Reduce The Cost, Shorten The Manufacturing Cycle And Ensure The Construction Period.

8. Good Anti Scaling And Anti Scaling Performance:
The Surface Roughness Of Lining Rubber Is Small, The Absolute Roughness Is Only 0.0267 And The Relative Roughness Is 3.311 × 10-4, The Resistance Coefficient Of Clean Water Is 0.0165, About 17 Less Than That Of Ordinary Steel Pipe, And The Rubber Is Adaptable To Conventional Acid, Alkali And Other Media, Which Will Not Cause Corrosion And Scaling.

9. No Cracking And Reliable Connection:
The Structure Of Steel And Rubber Is Composite, Which Overcomes The Phenomenon Of Rapid Stress Cracking Of Plastic Pipe, So There Will Be No Rapid Stress That Is Difficult For Plastic Pipe To Overcome.

10. Various Connection Modes, Fast And Convenient:
Convenient Installation, Loading And Unloading, Transportation, Handling, Installation And Use, Fast And Simple On-Site Connection Without Welding. The Flange, Flexible Joint And Expansion Joint Are Used For Connection, So That The Flange Fracture Of Plastic Pipe And The Falling Off Of Lock Head Will Not Occur, And The Connection And Sealing Are Reliable.



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