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Butyl Rubber Lined Ductile Iron Pipe ( Butyl Rubber Lined Pipe )

Butyl Rubber Lined Ductile Iron Pipe ( Butyl Rubber Lined Pipe ) Is a Kind Of Pipe With Ductile Iron Pipe As Pipe Skeleton And Wear-Resistant Butyl Rubber As Lining. It Has The Advantages Of Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance And High Temperature Resistance. Through The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Butyl Rubber Itself, The Effect Of Pipeline Transportation Medium On External Ball Milled Cast Iron Pipe, Such As Impact Force And Corrosion, Is Reduced. Because Of The Buffering Effect Of The Top Rubber, The Service Life Of The Pipeline Is Greatly Extended, And The Cost Of The User Is Reduced.

Ductile Iron Pipe Also Named Cast Iron Pipe, Because Ductile Iron Pipe Has The Nature Of Iron And The Properties Of Steel, So It Is Called. Graphite In Ductile Iron Pipe Exists In Spherical Shape, And The Size Of Graphite Is Generally 6-7 Grade. In Terms Of Quality, It Is Required That The Spheroidization Grade Of Cast Iron Pipe Should Be Controlled As 1-3, And The Spheroidization Rate Should Be More Than 80%. Therefore, The Mechanical Properties Of The Material Itself Have Been Better Improved, Which Has The Nature Of Iron And The Properties Of Steel. The Microstructure Of The Annealed Ductile Iron Pipe Is Ferrite With a Little Pearlite, And Its Mechanical Properties Are Good.
Features: It Has The Nature Of Iron, The Performance Of Steel, Excellent Corrosion Resistance, Good Ductility And Easy Installation. It Is Mainly Used For Water Supply And Gas Transmission In Municipal Industrial And Mining Enterprises.

Characteristics Of Butyl Rubber Lining:
(1) Air Permeability
The Equal Dispersion Rate Of Gas In Polymer Is Related To The Thermal Activity Of Polymer Molecules. The Dense Display Of Side Methyl Groups In The Molecular Chain Of Butyl Rubber Limits The Thermal Activity Of Polymer Molecules, Resulting In Low Permeability And Good Air Tightness.
(2) Thermal Invariance
Butyl Rubber Vulcanizate Has Excellent Heat Resistance Invariance. Sulfur Vulcanized Butyl Rubber Can Be Used In Air For a Long Time At 100 ℃ Or Slightly Lower Temperature. The Service Temperature Of Resin Vulcanized Butyl Rubber Can Reach 150 ℃ - 200 ℃. The Thermal Oxidative Aging Of Butyl Rubber Belongs To Degradation Type, And The Aging Trend Is Softening.
(3) Energy Absorption
Because Of The Short Double Bonds In The Molecular Structure Of Butyl Rubber And The High Dispersion Density Of Side Chain Methyl Groups, Butyl Rubber Has Excellent Characteristics Of Receiving Vibration And Impact Energy. The Rebound Characteristics Of Butyl Rubber Are Not More Than 20% In a Wide Temperature Range (- 30 ∽ - 50 ℃), Which Clearly Indicates That The Ability Of Receiving Mechanical Function Of Butyl Rubber Is Better Than Other Rubber. The Damping Property Of Butyl Rubber At High Deformation Rate Is Inherent In Polyisobutylene Chain Segment. To a Large Extent, It Is Not Affected By Application Temperature, Unsaturation Degree, Vulcanization Shape And Formula Change. Therefore, Butyl Rubber Was An Ideal Material For Sound Insulation And Vibration Reduction At That Time.
(4) Low Temperature Resistance
The Space Structure Of The Molecular Chain Of Butyl Rubber Is Helical. Although There Are More Methyl Groups, Each Pair Of Methyl Groups Scattered On Both Sides Of The Helix Are Staggered At An Angle, So The Molecular Chain Of Butyl Rubber Is Still Quite Gentle, With Low Glass Transition Temperature And Good Elasticity.
(5) Ozone And Aging Resistance
The High Saturation Of Butyl Rubber Molecular Chain Makes It Have High Ozone Resistance And Weather Aging Resistance. The Ozone Resistance Is About 10 Times Higher Than That Of Natural Rubber.
(6) Chemical Invariance
The High Saturation Structure Of Butyl Rubber Makes It Have High Chemical Invariance. Butyl Rubber Has Excellent Corrosion Resistance To Most Inorganic And Organic Acids. Although It Is Not Resistant To Concentrated Oxidizing Acids, Such As Nitric Acid And Sulfuric Acid, It Is Resistant To Non Oxidizing Acids And Medium Concentrations Of Oxidizing Acids, As Well As Alkali Solution And Oxidation Recovery Solution. After Soaking In 70% Sulfuric Acid For 13 Weeks, The Strength And Elongation Of Butyl Rubber Hardly Lost, While The Function Of Natural Rubber And Styrene Butadiene Rubber Has Been Severely Reduced.
(7) Electric Function
The Volume Resistivity Of Butyl Rubber Is 10-100 Times Higher Than That Of Plain Rubber, The Dielectric Constant (1khz) Is 2-3, And The Power Factor (100Hz) Is 0.0026.
(8) Water Absorption

The Water Permeability Of Butyl Rubber Is Very Low, And Its Water Absorption At Room Temperature Is Lower Than That Of Other Rubbers, Which Is Only 1 / 10-1 / 15 Of The Latter.



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