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Rubber Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe

Rubber Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipe Factory From China. Why Choose JRD As The Best Supplier Of Lining Pipeline In China?
Our Company Is a Factory-Type Company With a Relatively Complete Rubber Lined ERW Welded Steel Pipeline System, From The Selection Of Rubber Raw Materials, Formula, Processing And Production Processes, Product Inspection Equipment, Etc.
The General Manufacturer Does Not Have Rubber Production Capacity And Inspection Equipment, Which Makes It Difficult To Guarantee The Quality Of Its Lined Pipeline. The Thickness Of Lined Plywood Or Rubber Properties Directly Affect The Service Performance Of Pipelines.

Therefore, When Choosing The Supplier, We Must Select Our Company With Certain Technical Ability As The Supplier. Although There Are a Large Number Of Rubber-Lined Pipeline Manufacturers In The Domestic Market In Recent Years, Because They Do Not Have a Complete Production, Inspection And Management System, Their Products Often Have Adverse Consequences For Such Important Departments As Power Plants, So We Must Choose The Company With Technical Ability. Power JRD Manufacturing Enterprise.
1. Own Independent Rubber Production And Inspection Equipment.
2. The Lining Manufacturer Has a Relatively Complete Management System.
3. Inspection Equipment From Rubber-Lined Pipe To Finished Product
4. On-Site Investigation Capability
5. Independent After-Sales Service Team
6. Perfect Lining Repair System

Adhesion Vulcanization Method Of Lining Pipeline
There Are Two Main Types Of Rubber-Lined Pipes: Hot Vulcanization And Cold Vulcanization.
Thermal Vulcanization Bonding Is Controlled By High Temperature, High Pressure And Certain Stability Of Vulcanized Storage Tank. On The One Hand, The Vulcanization Of Rubber Is Achieved Through External Conditions, On The Other Hand, The Strength Bonding Between Rubber And Bonding Surface Is Achieved By Thermal Vulcanization Bonding Agent.

The Cold Vulcanization Bonding Method Is To Bond The Rubber Sheet Directly With a Special Vulcanization Bonding Agent, That Is, To Use It Immediately.



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