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Rubber Lined Tailing Discharge Pipeline

Rubber Lined Tailing Discharge Pipeline Refers To The Special Rubber Lined Pipeline For Tailings Slurry Discharged From Non-Ferrous Metal Beneficiation And Ferrous Metal Beneficiation. According To The Situation, The Slag Needs To Be Transported To The Tailings Pond For Storage. At Present, The Mainstream Transportation Method In China Is Tailings Pipe.
1, The Structure Is Excellent:
The Reinforced Skeleton Steel Pipe Of The Pipe Is Compounded With The Rubber Layer And The High Performance Adhesive, Which Overcomes The Shortcomings Of The Steel Pipe That Is Not Resistant To Wear And Abrasion, And The Rubber Has The Advantages Of Abrasion Resistance And Pressure Resistance. Meanwhile, The Utility Model Has The Common Advantages Of The Steel Pipe And The Wear-Resistant Rubber, And The Comprehensive Cost Performance Is Excellent
2, Excellent Corrosion Resistance:
In Addition To Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, Chromic Acid And Other Strong Oxidizing Acids And Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Almost All Media Have Good Corrosion Resistance
3, Excellent Corrosion Resistance:
The Flexible Soft Soil Not Only Absorbs Mechanical Vibration, But Also Absorbs The Corrosion Produced By The Mixing Of Materials With Strong Friction
4, High Strength, High Impact Resistance:
The Rubber Elastomer Has The Advantages Of Low Density, Light Weight, Good Vibration Absorption Performance And Excellent Mechanical Shock Resistance, High Strength, Good Rigidity, No Creep, Shock Resistance, Earthquake Resistance, Strong Water Hammer Resistance, Easy Transportation, Installation And Maintenance
5, Strong Adaptability:
The Rubber Lining Can Be Deformed Freely In Any Shape Before The Vulcanization, So The Lining Construction Can Be Carried Out On The Complex Equipment, The Adhesive Strength Of The Rubber And The Metal Body Is High, And The Rubber Is Combined With Each Other, And The Vulcanized Rubber Can Be Integrated Into One
6, a Wide Range Of Temperature Adaptation:
The Rubber Lining Pipe Can Be Used For a Long Time In The Range Of -50 Degree C— 150 Degree C, And The Lining Layer Will Not Be Disengaged From The Steel Frame Due To The Change Of Temperature
7, Anti-Aging Performance Is Superior, Long Service Life:

Under Normal Pressure, Temperature, Medium Use, The General Service Life To More Than 15 Years (Theoretical Value). The Pipeline Uses 6–8 Years, Nearly 90 Degrees To Rotate Once, The Service Life Will Be Longer; Lining Rubber Pipeline Can Be Repeatedly Lining, Reduce Costs.



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