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Wear Resistant Rubber Lined Mining Piping Mainly Uses The Unique Properties Of Rubber, Such As High Elasticity, High Air Tightness, Impact Resistance, Wear Resistance, Weather Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Chemical Medium Resistance And Vibration Absorption, And Rubber And Metal Have Good Adhesion. Therefore, Rubber Is Very Suitable For The Lining Of Chemical Equipment, Pipes For Various Transmission Media, Pipe Bodies, Containers For Treating Acid, Alkali And Salt, Reactors, Pumps, Valves, Agitators And Other Equipment To Solve The Anti-Corrosion Problem Of Pipeline Equipment.
Application Principle:
The Use Of Rubber "Killing With Kindness", Mainly To Solve Pipe Lining Wear Resistance Mainly, With Rubber Abrasion Resistance, Corrosion Resistance And High Temperature Resistance Is Good For Pipeline Play a Protective Role.
1, The Structure Is Excellent:
The Reinforced Skeleton Steel Pipe Of The Pipe Is Compounded With The Rubber Layer And The High Performance Adhesive, Which Overcomes The Shortcomings Of The Steel Pipe That Is Not Resistant To Wear And Abrasion, And The Rubber Has The Advantages Of Abrasion Resistance And Pressure Resistance. Meanwhile, The Utility Model Has The Common Advantages Of The Steel Pipe And The Wear-Resistant Rubber, And The Comprehensive Cost Performance Is Excellent
2, Excellent Corrosion Resistance:
In Addition To Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, Chromic Acid And Other Strong Oxidizing Acids And Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Almost All Media Have Good Corrosion Resistance
3, Excellent Corrosion Resistance:
The Flexible Soft Soil Not Only Absorbs Mechanical Vibration, But Also Absorbs The Corrosion Produced By The Mixing Of Materials With Strong Friction
4, High Strength, High Impact Resistance:
The Rubber Elastomer Has The Advantages Of Low Density, Light Weight, Good Vibration Absorption Performance And Excellent Mechanical Shock Resistance, High Strength, Good Rigidity, No Creep, Shock Resistance, Earthquake Resistance, Strong Water Hammer Resistance, Easy Transportation, Installation And Maintenance
5, Strong Adaptability:
The Rubber Lining Can Be Deformed Freely In Any Shape Before The Vulcanization, So The Lining Construction Can Be Carried Out On The Complex Equipment, The Adhesive Strength Of The Rubber And The Metal Body Is High, And The Rubber Is Combined With Each Other, And The Vulcanized Rubber Can Be Integrated Into One
6, a Wide Range Of Temperature Adaptation:
The Rubber Lining Pipe Can Be Used For a Long Time In The Range Of -50 Degree c--- 150 Degree c, And The Lining Layer Will Not Be Disengaged From The Steel Frame Due To The Change Of Temperature
7, Anti-Aging Performance Is Superior, Long Service Life:
Under Normal Pressure, Temperature, Medium Use, The General Service Life To More Than 15 Years (Theoretical Value). The Pipeline Uses 6--8 Years, Nearly 90 Degrees To Rotate Once, The Service Life Will Be Longer; Lining Rubber Pipeline Can Be Repeatedly Lining, Reduce Costs
1,A Thermal Power Plant, Coal Coking Plant Desulfurization Desulfurization Tower Body, Pipeline, Salt Equipment, Evaporation Tower, Acid Water Tank, Tank And Ion, Anion Tower, Absorption Tower Flue, Accident Slurry Tank, Limestone Slurry Tank, Mill Recirculating Slurry Tank Lining.
(1) Butyl Rubber Is Used As Lining Temperature At 70 - 120
(2) Butyl Rubber Was Chosen As Strong Acidic Medium
(3) Strong Alkaline Chloroprene Rubber
(4) Large Tank On-Site Production Temperature Is Below 50 Degrees By 50 Degrees Higher Than Pre Vulcanized Butyl Rubber Bag Glue Sealed Tank And Steam Curing.
2,Process Pipeline Of Mine Metallurgical Coal Preparation Plant
(1) Large Particles, Strong Impact, Lined With Wear-Resistant Natural Rubber Plate
The Smaller Particle Adopts 40 Rubber Plate
(2) N55 Rubber Plate With Large Oil Content
3, Petrochemical, Power Plant, Chemical Plant Water Treatment Pipeline
(1) The Temperature Is Below 50 Degrees, Weak Acid And Weak Base, And The Lining Is Made Of Natural Semi Hard Rubber
(2) Drainage, Waste Liquid Treatment Device, Sewage Treatment Device: Concrete Tank, Neutralization Tank Lining Glue
4, Aluminum Inc: Chloroprene Rubber Lining Is Used In Sodium Hydroxide Tank
5, Chemical Industry: Chlor Alkali Equipment, Salt Bath, Dyes, Chemicals And Other Equipment And Pipe Lining
6, Iron And Steel Plant: Hydrochloric Acid Recovery Unit, Coke Furnace Desulfurization Device, Pickling Device And Supporting Pipeline Lining
Rubber Lined Steel Procedure:
1. With Adhesive 2. Dozen Wool Rubber Plate 3. Cleaning Plate 4. Steel Pipe Rust 5. Cleaning Steel Pipe 6. Brushing Bottom Oil 7. Coating Adhesive 8. Putting In Rubber Plate 9. Adjusting Rubber Plate 10. Pressing Rubber Plate
Preparation Of Adhesive
The A. Binder Solufix No.14 And The Bottle Curing Agent Irodur Are Evenly Mixed At The Rate Of 100:6
After Adding B. Curing Agent, The Adhesive Can Be Solidified In Less Than 3 Hours, And Must Be Adjusted According To The Dosage
1. Preparation Of Rubber Plate
A. All Adhesive Surface Must Be Made Of Wool (One Or Both Sides Of The Factory), Including The Joint
B. All Surfaces That Need To Be Bonded (Including Joints) Must Be Washed With Banana Water And Dried Thoroughly
2. Rubber And Rubber Bonding
A. Evenly Coated With a Good Adhesive On The Bonding Surface, And Dry For 10 To 15 Minutes;
B. Then Evenly Coated With Second Layers Of Good Adhesive, To The Bonding Surface Does Not Stick Hand, And Then Bonding Surface Overlap;
C. Adhesive In a Short Time To Cement, Adjust The Bonding Position In The Press Before;
D. When The Position Is Good, Press On The Entire Surface, Make It Contact Evenly, Extrude Air
3. Rubber And Metal Plate Bonding
Rust Or Oxide Layer Should Be Removed By Sandblasting Or Wire Brush On The Surface Of A. Metal Plate;
B. Use Banana Water To Clean The Surface After Blasting And Dry Thoroughly;
C. Coated With Primer 9254 Metal Base Oil, About 2 Hours To Dry, Such As The First Layer Is Too Thin, Can Be Painted Second Layers;
The D. Bonding Procedure Was The Same As The Third a To D Items
5, Matters Needing Attention
A. Adhesive (14T) And Curing Agent Are Sealed In The Dark Ventilated Place And Carefully Splashed Into The Eyes;
The Amount Of b.9254 Base Oil Can Be Coated 4 Square Meters Per Liter;
The Amount Of C. Adhesive (14T) Can Be Coated 1.5 Square Meters Per Liter;
D. Per Liter Binder (14T) Needs 52 Grams Of Curing Agent (Iroduour) In Use
6, Cold Adhesive Strength
Glue On The Adhesive Strength Of 15 Pounds Per Inch; Rubber To Metal Bond Strength Of 20 Pounds Per Inch (Three Days); 30 Pounds Per Inch (One Week Later); 50 Pounds Per Inch (One Month); 80 Pounds Per Inch (March).
Company's Successful Case:
1. China Guodian Zhangze Power Generation Co. Ltd. Puzhou Desulfurization Plant Rubber Lined Pipe
2. Shanxi Huayuan Ltd. Of Coal Desulfurization System Lining Project
3. Shaanxi Chinese Datang Hancheng Power Plant Rubber Lined Pipe
4. Beijing Bestter International Environmental Technology Co. Ltd.
5. Henan Yongyin Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. Rubber Pipe
6. Haikou Power Plant Of Huaneng Hainan Power Limited By Share Ltd Of Rubber Lined Pipe (For Power Plant Desulfurization Gypsum Pipeline)
7. Guizhou Power Plant Desulfurization System In Cengong Rubber Lined Pipe Project (For Ammonia Desulfurization Stock Type Pipeline)
8. Hainan Huaneng Qinbei Power Plant
9. Guizhou Power Plant Desulfurization System Of North Guizhou Large Rubber Lined Pipe
10. Inner Mongolia Hohhot Power Plant Desulfurization Rubber Lined Pipe.



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