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Rubber Lined Slurry Pipe

Rubber Lined Slurry Pipe Is Made Of Metal Carbon Steel Pipe And Wear Resistant Rubber Composition, Formed a Pipeline Equipment Move Among Force And Soft.
Why Choose Jinruida Rubber Lined Slurry Pipe:
1, Good Structure
Reinforcing Steel And Rubber Layer With High Performance Adhesive Composite As a Rubber Lined Pipe,Steel Pressure Do Not Wear, Plastic Pipe And Rubber Hose Wear But Not Withstand Voltage,Glass Steel Pipe Is Brittle And Not Shockproof, So The Rubber Lined Steel Composite Pipe Can Have Carbon Steel Pipe Pressure And Rubber Hose Wear Resistant.
2, Strength And Impact Resistance
Rubber Elastomer Be The Liner Of Rubber Lined Pipe
Low Density
Light Weight
Good Vibration Absorption Performance
Excellent Mechanical Impact Resistance
High Strength
Good Rigidity
Not Creep
Shock Resistance
Seismic Resistance
Anti Water Hammer Performance Is Strong
Convenient Transportation,Installation,Maintenance.
3, Working Temperature Wide:
Desulfurization Lining Pipe Can Be Used For a Long Time In The Range Of -50 Degrees C To 150 Degrees C, When The Temperature Change,Rubber Lining Layer Will Not Be Disengaged From The Steel Pipe Frame.
4, Save Energy
Good Lubrication, Small Running Resistance, Save Operating Cost
The Inner Surface Of Desulfurization Rubber Lined Steel Pipe Is Smooth As a Mirror, The Absolute Roughness Only Ra0.02668, Self-Lubrication And No Adhesive Performance Of Rubber Lined Pipe Is Good, Running Resistance Will Be 20% Than Carbon Steel Piper, So The Rubber Lined Pipe Can Save a Lot Of Electricity.
5, Excellent Anti-Aging Properties,
Under Normal Pressure And Temperature, Working Service Life Above 15 Years (Theoretical Value). After Pipeline Use 6-8 Years, 90 Degree Turn Once, The Service Life Will Be Longer, Rubber Lined Pipe Lining Can Be Repeatedly Used For 4 Times, Lower Cost, Short Production Cycle, Ensure Construction Period.
6, Anti Scaling, Slow Scaling Performance Is Good
Rubber Liner Surface Roughness Is Small, Absolute Roughness Just Is 0.0267, Relative Roughness Is 3.311×10-4. Coefficient Of Water Resistance Is 0.0165, It Is 17 Less Than Carbon Steel Pipe. And Rubber Liner Can Be Acid Resistant And Alkali Resistant. Effectively Prevent The Corrosion And Scaling Of The Transmission Medium
7, No Cracking, Reliable Connection:
Rubber Lined Carbon Steel Pipe Be Made Of Carbon Steel Pipe And Rubber Hose Or Rubber Plate. Plastic Pipe Will Be Cracking When Quickly Under Power. But Rubber Lined Pipe Will Be Crack, It Can Be Well Working Under Quick Power.
8. Multiple Connections:

Installation, Handling, Transport, Handling, Installation And Use Are Very Convenient. Use Flange Rubber Lined Pipe, Without Welding. Flexible Joint And Expansion Joint Connections, Do Not Break Pipe Flange, Will Not Fall Off, Reliable Connection Seal.



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