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  • Morocco Laayoune Washing Plant OCP / PHOSBOUCRAA
Morocco Laayoune Washing Plant OCP / PHOSBOUCRAA

Rubber Lined Pipe For Morocco Laayoune Washing Plant OCP / PHOSBOUCRAA From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : sales@rubberlinedpipes.com . Wear Rubber Linings. ASME B16.5 ASTM A53: Working Service Life Can Be Up To 15~50 Years.

This technical specification outlines the minimum requirement for the supply, surface preparation, application, curing, inspection , testing and storage of rubber lining for plate work, equipment, piping chutes and tanks for the laayoune wash plant project in laayoune
This specification should be read in conjunction with:
A: applicable codes and standards
B: Project date sheet, drawing and other attachment referenced herein, which contains details specific to individual rubber lined items.
This specification takes precedence over any general project specifications.

2.Standards and codes
All work and materials shall comply with all standards and codes stated in this specification and all piping technical specification MSHA( Mine Safety and Health Administration) Standards, OSHA( Occupational safety and Health  administration) standards, and all local laws, ordinances and regulations.
In the event of difference between codes and /or standards, the most stringent code or standard shall apply. Whenever reference is made to a specific code or standards, it shall be understood that the latest edition of such reference, as of the date of proposal, shall govern

3.International standards
ASTM D 412    Standard test methods for Vulcanised Rubber and Thermoplastic Rubber and thermoplastic elastomers Tension
ASTM D 429     Standard test methods for rubber property adhesion to rigid substrate
ASTM D 471     Std. Test method for rubber property- effects of liquids
ASTM D 537     Std, Test Method for Rubber deterioration on the air oven
ASTM D 2240    Std. Test Method for rubber property- durometer hardness
ASTM E 337     Standard Test method for measuring humidity with a psychrometer (the measurement of wet-and dry bulb temperatures)
ASTM D 5162    Discontinuity(holiday) testing of nonconductive protectibe coating on metallic substrate.
BS 6374-5:1985 Lining of equipment with polymeric materials for the process industries: specification for lining with rubbers.

4.HSE Requirements
Safety Considerations
The Rubber Lining designs shall meet the specified safety code, regulations and accepted industry practice, it is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure this responsibility is met.
The vendor shall install safety barriers and warning signs for fire hazards, dust,dangerous fumes or similar hazards during rubber lining application.

4.1extreme care shall be taken in the storage and handling of primers, adhesives and accelerator compounds at side, particularly CS2(Carbon Disulphide). they shall be stored in accordance with the relevant statutory regulations and their materials safety detasheet(MSDS) IN AN ADEQUATELY COOLED AND Ventilated building, only small quantities, sufficient for immediate needs, shall be drawn fire extinguishers of sufficient number and types shall be available at the store cutting table and work face to deal with fire associated with any of the several compounds in use.
No welding or cutting with permitted within radius of 10Meters from any point where the above components are stored or used.

5.General design requirements
All rubber lining shall conform to the requirements of this technical specification and all relevant project documentation.
Conpliance with this specification does not relieve the vandor of responsibility to supply rubber lining of satisfactory safety, operability, maintainability and reliability and suitable for the duty stated by the relevant datasheets.
The vendor shall not commence work until the vendor procedures and all materials , lining methods and adhesives have been reviewed and approved in writing by purchaser
A>The design of all equipment and piping shall allow for access during the preparetion of the surface and application of the lining and for venting of fumes evolved during the operation, figure 2 (BS 6374-5)
B>Riveted constructions shall not be used and bolted construction is permitted only if they can be dismantled for the lining.
C>Surface to be lined shall be of a smooth contour, DIscontinuities, crevices and sharp projections shall be avoided.
D>Normally all connections to lined parts of equipment shall be flanged.if for any reason screwed connections are required, then these parts shall be fabricated in corrosion resistant materials.
E>Branches and outlets, except for plain ended pipe, shall be as short as possible and flanged so that the lining may be taken over the flange face to prevent the ingress of process fluid between the lining and the substrate, acceptable flange systems are shown in figure 1. BS 6374-5B
F>Pipe size of 25mm and above shall be rubber lined, pipe size up to 450mm diameter shall be seamless construction.
G>Weld profile details shall be generally in accordance with figure 1 and figure 3 to figure 6(BS 6374-5)
H>Filler materials, such as resin, putties, fillers and low melting poing solders and brazes shall not be used for the welding
I>The design of pipework shall be such as to allow ready access to welds and bends for weld and surface preparation.



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