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  • Mongolia Oyu Tolgoi Gold Copper Mining Pipeline Project
Mongolia Oyu Tolgoi Gold Copper Mining Pipeline Project

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Mongolia Oyu Tolgoi Gold Copper Mining Pipeline Project is located in hanbaogede County, South Gobi Province, Mongolia (less than 100 km away from China's border). It is known as one of the world's large-scale gold and copper mines. The area of the copper belt is equivalent to the urban area of Ulan Bator, and the gold belt of the mine is slightly smaller than the urban area of Ulan Bator. The preliminary proved copper reserves are 31.1 million tons, gold reserves are 1328 tons, and the gold reserves are 1.2 million tons Silver reserves are 7600 tons. The mine was put into operation in July 2013 and is expected to be mined for 50 years.

Oyu Tolgoi gold copper mine is often referred to as "ot mine" to distinguish it from the nearby tawen Tolgoi mine (TT mine).
Oyu Tolgoi mine is close to the border of China. Australia's Rio Tinto's Turquoise mountain resources company owns 66% of the mine, with the rest owned by Mongolia. The open pit mining of oyu Tolgoi mine has been put into operation. Turquoise Hill reported $1.6 billion in revenue from 733700 tons of concentrate sales at the mine in 2014. Underground mining is planned to begin within two years. It is estimated that by 2020, oyu Tolgoi copper and gold mine will account for one third of Mongolia's economic output value. The 80 square kilometer (30 square mile) oyu Tolgoi mine is the largest industrial enterprise ever built in Mongolia, with 7500 workers.

In addition, another huge copper deposit, hamagotai copper gold deposit, was discovered in South Gobi province of Mongolia in 2015.



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