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Carbon Steel Pipe Materials Choice


Carbon Steel Pipe Can Be Divided Into Seamless Steel Pipe, Straight Seam Steel Pipe, Spiral Steel Pipe, High Frequency Welded Steel Pipe, Etc.
The Raw Material For Rolling Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe Is Round Tube Blank. The Round Tube Blank Needs To Be Cut By a Cutting Machine, And The Blank With a Length Of About 1 Meter Is Sent To The Furnace For Heating By a Conveyor Belt. The Billet Is Heated In a Furnace At About 1200 ℃. The Fuel Is Hydrogen Or Acetylene.
The Temperature Control In The Furnace Is The Key Problem. After The Round Tube Is Discharged From The Furnace, It Needs To Be Pierced By The Pressure Piercer. Generally, The More Common Piercer Is Cone Roll Piercer. This Kind Of Piercer Has High Production Efficiency, Good Product Quality, Large Amount Of Piercing And Expanding, And Can Wear a Variety Of Steel Grades. After Piercing, The Round Billet Is Successively Rolled By Three Roll Cross Rolling, Continuous Rolling Or Extrusion.

After Extrusion, Take Off The Pipe And Determine The Diameter. The Sizing Machine Rotates Into The Steel Embryo At High Speed Through a Conical Drill To Form a Steel Pipe. The Inner Diameter Of The Steel Pipe Is Determined By The Length Of The Outer Diameter Of The Drill Bit Of The Sizing Machine. After Sizing, The Steel Pipe Enters The Cooling Tower And Is Cooled By Water Spraying. After Cooling, The Steel Pipe Will Be Straightened. After Straightening, The Steel Pipe Is Sent By Conveyor Belt To Metal Flaw Detector (Or Hydraulic Test) For Internal Flaw Detection.
If There Are Cracks, Bubbles And Other Problems Inside The Steel Pipe, It Will Be Detected. After Quality Inspection, The Steel Pipe Should Be Strictly Selected By Hand. After The Quality Inspection Of The Steel Pipe, The Number, Specification, Production Batch Number, Etc. Shall Be Sprayed With Paint. It Is Hoisted Into The Warehouse By Crane.

Because Of The Different Manufacturing Process, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe Can Be Divided Into Hot Rolling (Extrusion) Seamless Pipe And Cold Drawing (Rolling) Seamless Pipe. Cold Drawn (Rolled) Pipe Is Divided Into Round Pipe And Special-Shaped Pipe.
In addition, there are GB / t17396-1998 (hot rolled seamless steel Pipe for hydraulic props), GB
Gb3093-1986 (high pressure seamless steel Pipe for diesel engines)
GB / t3639-1983 (cold drawn or cold rolled precision seamless steel Pipe)
GB / t3094-1986 (cold drawn seamless steel Pipe, special-shaped steel Pipe)
GB / t8713-1988 (precision inner diameter seamless steel Pipe for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders)
GB 13296-1991 (seamless stainless steel Pipe for boilers and heat exchangers)
GB / T14975-1994 (seamless stainless steel Pipe for structural use)
GB / t14976-1994 (seamless stainless steel Pipe for fluid transport)
GB / t5035-1993 (seamless steel pipe for automobile axle sleeve pipe)

API Spec 5ct-1999 (casing and tubing specification), etc.



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