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Pipeline Epoxy Resin Painting Coating


Pipeline Epoxy Resin Painting Coating Refers To The Coating Sprayed On The Pipeline With Epoxy Resin As The Main Film-Forming Material. There Are Many Kinds With Their Own Characteristics. According To Curing Methods, There Are Self-Drying One Component, Two-Component And Multi-Component Liquid Epoxy Coatings; Baking One Component And Two-Component Liquid Epoxy Coatings; Powder Epoxy Coatings And Radiation Curing Epoxy Coatings. According To The State Of Coatings, There Are Solvent-Based Epoxy Coatings, Solvent-Free Epoxy Coatings And Waterborne Epoxy Coatings.
Strong Adhesion, Excellent Chemical Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Water Resistance, Thermal Stability And Electrical Insulation.
It Is Widely Used In Construction, Chemical Industry, Automobile, Ship, Electrical Insulation, Etc.
The Paint Will Lose Its Luster And Pulverize In The Outdoor Sun, So It Is Suitable To Be Used As Primer.
1. Strong Adhesion
Epoxy Resin Contains Hydroxyl And Ether Bonds And Other Polar Groups, Which Makes The Resin Have Strong Interaction With Adjacent Interface Molecules, And Some Can Form Chemical Bonds, So Its Adhesion Is Strong.
2. Good Chemical Resistance
The Cured Epoxy Resin Contains Stable Benzene Ring, And Generally Has Good Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance And Organic Solvent Resistance.
3. Small Contraction Force
There Is No By-Product In The Reaction Between Epoxy Resin And Curing Agent, So The Shrinkage Force Is Small.
4. Good Electrical Insulation
The Cured Epoxy Paint Has Excellent Electrical Insulation.
5. Good Stability
Epoxy Resin Without Curing Agent, Not Heat Curing, Not Deterioration, Good Stability.
Wear Resistance: Compared With Other Anticorrosive Materials, Epoxy Resin Spraying Has Wear Resistance.
Pressure: Work Well Under High Pressure.
Impact Resistance: Can Withstand Huge Impact Force.
Dustproof: Not Easy To Adhere To Dust.
Anti Corrosion: Unique Performance, With Strong Anti-Corrosion Effect.

Anti Static: Excellent Anti-Static Performance, Blocking Current Conduction. 



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