Anti-Corrosion Coatings

  • Bitumen Anticorrosion Tape ( Polypropylene Fiber Bitumen Tape )
Bitumen Anticorrosion Tape ( Polypropylene Fiber Bitumen Tape )

Bitumen Anticorrosion Tape ( Polypropylene Fiber Bitumen Tape )

  • Anticorrosive Tape Material: Polypropylene Non-Woven Tapes.
  • Composition: Anticorrosive Tape And Solvent-Free Primer.
  • Advantages: No Volatile Solvents, Safe.
  • Scope Of Application: External Wall Anti-Corrosion Of Buried And Underwater Steel Pipeline.
  • Description: Bitumen Anticorrosion Tape ( Polypropylene Fiber Bitumen Tape ) From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : Polyethylene Tapes And Polypro
Bitumen Anticorrosion Tape ( Polypropylene Fiber Bitumen Tape ) Is Composed Of Two Parts: Anti-Corrosion Coating Tapes And Bitumen ( Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch ). The Anti-Corrosion Tape Is Made Of High-Performance Polypropylene Hot-Rolled Non-Woven Fabric, The Bitumen Adopts Insoluble High Viscosity Epoxy Resin Bitumen For Deep Buried Steel Pipe, It Is Made By Far Infrared Curing Technology. The Back Is Coated With Anti Ultraviolet Aging Silver Powder Coating To Achieve The Effect Of Anti Ultraviolet And Anti Ozone. After High Temperature And High Pressure, The Surface Is Smooth. After The Precise Slitting Machine Cutting Into The User Needs The Size, In Order To Adapt To The Application Of Construction Conditions.
Adhesive Primer Is Composed Of Two Kinds Of High-Performance Adhesive A And B, Which Can Be Divided Into Two Types: Normal Temperature Type (Used Above 5 ℃) And Low Temperature Type (Only Used Below 5 ℃). Our Company's Anti-Corrosion Tape And Primer Are Packed And Supplied Together. During Construction, The Bottom Adhesive A And B Are Mixed In Proportion. After Sandblasting And Derusting, They Are Applied On The Surface Of The Steel Pipe, And Then Wrapped With Anti-Corrosion Tape, Which Is Naturally Solidified To Form An Anti-Corrosion Layer.
Bitumen Anticorrosive Tape Characteristics:
1, It Is a Solvent-Free Environment-Friendly Anti-Corrosion Tapes Without Volatile Irritant Solvents, Which Is Safe, Fireproof And Effectively Protects The Environment.
2, Site Construction Is Simplified. There Are Only Two Processes Of Gluing And Wrapping. The Thickness Of Anti-Corrosion Coating Is 1 MM And The Leakage Detection Voltage Is 5 KV, Which Can Meet The Engineering Requirements Of Chemical Industry And Petroleum Industry.
3, The Adhesive Of Polypropylene Fiber Bitumen Tape Can Be Divided Into Normal Temperature Type And Low Temperature Type According To Season, And The Construction Can Be Arranged Throughout The Year. If The Construction Period Is Urgent, The Tapes Can Be Wrapped And Backfilled.
Scope Of Application:
It Is Suitable For External Wall Anti-Corrosion Of Buried Steel Pipe And Underwater Steel Pipe; Steel Storage Tank Bottom Anti-Corrosion, Also Suitable For Sewage Pool, Roof Waterproof Layer, Toilet, Bathroom, Basement And Other Concrete Structure Of Waterproof And Anti Leakage.
Usage Method:
1, Surface Treatment. The Surface Of Steel Pipe Shall Be Cleaned Of Oil And Sand Blasting To Reach Sa 2 Of GB / T 8923, Preferably Sa 2.5. When Construction Conditions Are Limited, Tools Can Also Be Used To Remove Rust To St 3. After The Steel Surface Treatment Is Qualified, The Primer Must Be Applied As Soon As Possible Before Rust Return.
2, With Setting Adhesive. The Components A And B Shall Be Fully Mixed According To The Proportion Specified By The Manufacturer Before Use.
3, Weld Putty. Putty Shall Be Applied On Both Sides Of The Weld And The Lap Joint Of Two Steel Plates 2mm Higher Than The Steel Pipe Surface To Form a Smooth Transition Surface. The Pits On The Concrete Surface Should Also Be Leveled With Putty. The Putty Is Made Of Setting Glue And Talcum Powder. It Should Be Used Up Within 2 Hours After Mixing.
4, Apply Shaping Adhesive And Bitumen Anticorrosive Tape. Before Applying Setting Adhesive, The Surface Of Steel Pipe Must Be Dry, And The Setting Adhesive Shall Be Applied Evenly Without Omission. In Order To Ensure The Tightness Of The Blank Holder, The Asphalt Tape Is Wrapped With Setting Adhesive At The Blank Holder. Both Ends And Laps Of The Wrapped Coating Shall Be Fixed With Self-Adhesive Tape.

5, Quality Inspection. After Winding, The Anti-Corrosion Coating Shall Be Left To Dry. After Dry, The Appearance, Thickness, Electric Spark Detection And Adhesion Inspection Shall Be Carried Out According To The Conditions And Methods Specified In Gb 50268 Standard (Or Other Industry Standards) Of The Ministry Of Construction.



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