Anti-Corrosion Coatings

  • Pipeline Anticorrosion Tape ( Pipe Corrosion Resistant Wrap Tape )
Pipeline Anticorrosion Tape ( Pipe Corrosion Resistant Wrap Tape )

Pipeline Anticorrosion Tape ( Pipe Corrosion Resistant Wrap Tape )

  • Thickness 2.5 MM
  • Width 150 MM
  • Length 35 M Per Roll
  • Model T1100
  • Description: Pipeline Anticorrosion Tape ( Pipe Corrosion Resistant Wrap Tape ) From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : Polyethylene Tapes And Polyp
Pipeline Anticorrosion Tape ( Pipe Corrosion Resistant Wrap Tape ) Refers To a Layer Of Protective Film Wrapped On The Surface Of The Pipeline. Its Main Function Is To Prevent The External Bad Environment From Causing Serious Corrosion To The Surface Wall Of The Steel Pipe, So As To Achieve The Function Of Preventing Corrosion. This Kind Of Anti-Corrosion Tape Produced By Our Company Is Widely Used In Water Supply Pipeline And Drainage Pipeline, Natural Gas Pipeline, Gas Pipeline, Oil Pipeline And Other Chemical Pipeline In Urban Construction. In The Corrosive Environment, The Performance Is Very Significant, Especially In The Environment Of Deep Buried Pipeline.

Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Tape Materials Produced By Our Company Are As Follows:
Natural Abrasion Resistant Rubber;
Butyl Rubber;
High Performance Synthetic Rubber;
Polyurethane Elastomer;
High Density Polyethylene;
Low Density Polyethylene;
Polypropylene Fiber Cloth;
Polyethylene 660;
Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch ( Polypropylene Fiber Bitumen ).

Performance Of Pipeline Corrosion-Resistant Tape:
1. The Thickness Of The Adhesive Tape Is Uniform, The Width Error Is Very Small, The Length Can Be Arbitrarily Selected, And It Can Be Customized According To The Actual Situation.
2. The Adhesive Force Between The Anti-Corrosion Belt And The Rubber Adhesive Layer Is Large, And There Will Be No Degumming And Leakage In The Process Of Storage And Construction.
3. High Temperature Resistance, Aging Resistance, Ozone Resistance, UV Resistance.
4. It Has High Tensile Strength And Large Elongation At Break, Which Is Convenient For Winding Construction According To The Actual Situation.
5. Low Water Absorption And High Performance Polyethylene And Polypropylene Materials Can Effectively Separate The Steel Pipe From The External Water Source.
6. Good Sealing Performance. In The Process Of Overlapping Winding, Almost No Gap Can Be Left To Wrap, And High-Performance Sealing Effect Can Be Achieved Under The Action Of High-Strength Adhesive.
7. It Is Convenient For Construction, Safe And Sanitary For Operation, Flexible For Mobility, And Can Be Used For Pipeline Laying And Installation In Various Occasions.
8. Low Comprehensive Cost, Long Service Life, Service Life Of Up To 50 Years.

Complete Anti-Corrosion Material System, Including Anti-Corrosion Tape (Inner Tape), Protective Tape (Outer Tape), Patching Tape, Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Primer.



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