Anti-Corrosion Coatings

  • Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Cold Wrapping Tape ( RPC )
Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Cold Wrapping Tape ( RPC )

Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Cold Wrapping Tape ( RPC )

  • Rubber Plastic Type Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Anticorrosion Cold Wrapping Tape.
  • Development Of Primer: Solvent Free Epoxy Coal Tar Coating.
  • Development Of Tape Winding: Plastic And Tough Strip Coil.
  • Advantages: Improve Coating Quality.
  • Description: Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Cold Wrapping Tape ( RPC ) Is a Kind Of Anti-Corrosion Coating For Pipeline, Which Is Convenient For Construction And Can Meet The Requirements Of Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Anti-Corros
Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Cold Wrapping Tape ( RPC ) Is a Kind Of Anti-Corrosion Coating For Pipeline, Which Is Convenient For Construction And Can Meet The Requirements Of Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Anti-Corrosion Coating In National Standard.
Generally, The Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Cold Winding Tape Is Hard And Brittle After Curing, So It Is Impossible To Make a Plastic And Tough Strip Coil. Through High-Tech Means, Donghua Company Makes The Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch, Rubber And Plastic Into Strip Coil By Mixing, Calendering And Vulcanizing. The Tape Is Soft, Tough And Easy To Construct. Because They Have The Same Component (Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch) With Solvent-Free Primer, They Can Bond Well And Form a Solid And Inseparable Anti-Corrosion Layer.

Primer Is Solvent-Free Epoxy Coal Tar Coating, Which Has The Following Advantages:
(1) Improve The Coating Quality. There Is No Solvent Volatilization In The Construction Process, And The Coating Is Dense Without Pinholes, Which Improves The Anti-Corrosion Performance.
(2) Simplify The Construction Procedure. In Order To Reduce Pinholes, Multi-Layer Coating Construction Must Be Used, At Least 3-4 Times To Eliminate Pinholes.
(3) Improve Work Efficiency, Speed Up The Construction Period, Reduce The Number Of Construction Workers, Save Labor Costs.
(4) In The Production And Use Of Solvent-Free Coatings, There Are No Volatile Substances (Such As Toluene And Xylene), So The Environmental Problems In The Production Workshop And Construction Site Are Reduced, And The Working Environment Is Improved.
(5) Saving Energy. Toluene, Xylene And Other Substances In The Solvent Are Energy Products, Solvent-Free Products Save a Lot Of Energy.

Construction Steps And Measures:
1. Surface Treatment. Remove Oil And Rust On Steel Surface To Gb / T? 8923, The Best Is Sa 21 / 2. When Construction Conditions Are Limited, Tools Can Also Be Used To Remove Rust To St? Grade 3. After The Steel Surface Treatment Is Qualified, The Anti-Corrosion Construction Must Be Carried Out As Soon As Possible Before Rust Return. The Concrete Shall Be Dried Thoroughly To Remove The Loose Material On The Surface And Present a Smooth And Solid Surface.
2. With Primer. Component A: Component B = 1:1, Mix Well, Let Stand For 5-10 Minutes Before Use. The Use Of Quick Drying Curing Agent For Bottom Glue, Fast Curing Speed, Should Be Used In 2h After Completion, And Should Be Ready For Use In Construction So As Not To Cause Gel Loss. Diluent Should Not Be Added When Preparing Primer, So As To Avoid Being Too Thin And Make The Thickness Of Anticorrosive Coating Not Meet The Requirements.
3.Weld Putty. Putty Shall Be Applied To Both Sides Of The Weld Seam 1mm Higher Than The Steel Pipe Surface And The Lap Joint Of Two Steel Plates To Form a Smooth Transition Surface. Putty Shall Also Be Applied To Smooth The Pits On The Concrete Surface. The Putty Is Made Of The Base Glue And Talcum Powder, Which Should Be Used Up Within 4h After Blending.
4. Apply Primer And Tape. Before The Primer Is Applied, The Steel Or Concrete Surface Must Be Dry, And The Primer Shall Be Applied Evenly Without Omission. After The Primer Is Applied, The Baseband Shall Be Wound (Or Pasted) Immediately And Lapped For 20-25 Mm. The Baseband Must Be Tightened Or Flattened To Make The Surface Smooth And Tight Without Bubbles. Before Winding, It Is Better To Dip One End Of The Baseband Into The Primer For About 20 Mm, And Then Wrap It After Dipping The Primer, Or Brush The Primer At The Lap Joint While Wrapping, Which Can Effectively Increase The Tightness Of The Lap Joint. Both Ends Of The Good Anti-Corrosion Coating Shall Be Fixed With Polyethylene Adhesive Tape.
5. Quality Inspection. After Winding, The Anti-Corrosion Coating Shall Be Left To Dry. After Dry, The Appearance, Thickness, Electric Spark Inspection And Adhesion Inspection Shall Be Carried Out According To The Conditions And Methods Specified In Gb 50268-97 Standard (Or Other Industrial Standards) Of The Ministry Of Construction.
6.In Case Of Urgent Need For Trench Backfilling, Transportation, Trench Laying And Backfill Construction Can Be Carried Out Under The Condition Of Paying Attention To Protection And Avoiding Collision After Wrapping Rubber Plastic Belt. The Anti-Corrosion Coating Can Be Completely Solidified Under The Trench.

Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch RPC Cold Wrapping Tape Is a New Type Of Pipeline External Anti-Corrosion Coating
(1) It Has The Advantages Of High Mechanical Strength, High Adhesion, Water Resistance, Microbial Resistance And Plant Root Resistance.
(2) Because The RPC Cold Wrapping Tape Is Mainly Composed Of Synthetic Rubber And Plastic, It Has The Toughness And Aging Resistance Of Extruded Polyethylene Coating.
(3) The Construction Process Of Wrapping Tape Is Simple And Flexible. It Has The Advantages Of Polyethylene Cold Wrapping Tape. It Can Be Used To Process The Anti-Corrosion Coating In The Prefabrication Plant And On-Site Anti-Corrosion Construction, But It Is Better Than Polyethylene Wrapping Tape. Because The Primer Is Solvent-Free Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch With High Viscosity And Large Thickness, It Can Be Used In Windy And Sandy Weather, And Has No Impact On The Adhesive Force.
To Sum Up, The Construction Method Of RPC Cold Wrapping Tape Is Simple And Easy, With Uniform Thickness, Stable Quality, Water Resistance, Microbial Resistance, Plant Root Resistance, Corrosion Resistance Of a Variety Of Chemical Media, High Mechanical Strength, Collision Resistance And Convenient Repair. It Is a New Type Of Anticorrosive Coating With Low Cost And High Efficiency.
Application Scope:

RPC Cold Wrapping Tape Is Suitable For External Wall Anti-Corrosion And Field Joint Repair Of Buried And Underwater Steel Pipelines, As Well As Anti-Corrosion Of Steel Tank Bottom And Waterproof And Anti Leakage Of Concrete Structures Such As Sewage Tank, Roof Waterproof Layer, Ditch And Corridor.



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