Anti-Corrosion Coatings

  • Polypropylene Anticorrosive Tape ( PP Anticorrosion Wrap Straps )
Polypropylene Anticorrosive Tape ( PP Anticorrosion Wrap Straps )

Polypropylene Anticorrosive Tape ( PP Anticorrosion Wrap Straps )

  • Features: Non Shielding Anticorrosive Layer Coating.
  • Purpose: Pipe Surface Anticorrosion Coatings
  • Application Field: Deep Buried Anticorrosive Pipeline.
  • Material: Polypropylene ( PP Plastic )
  • Description: Polypropylene Anticorrosive Tape ( PP Anticorrosion Wrap Straps ) From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : Polyethylene Tapes And Polypr
Polypropylene Anticorrosive Tape ( PP Anticorrosion Wrap Straps ) Is a New Type Of Environmental Protection Anti-Corrosion Material Without Pollution And Harm. It Is a Better Choice For Pipeline Cold Anti-Corrosion Construction Tape, And Also One Of The More Economical Choices For Anticorrosion. Based On The Excellent Anti Ultraviolet Ability, It Is Especially Suitable For The Anticorrosion Of The Outer Wall Of Overhead Pipeline, And Can Also Be Used As The Sacrificial Anticorrosion Tape For The External Protection Of Buried Pipeline And Crossing.
The Base Material Of Polypropylene Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Tape Is Polypropylene Woven Fiber Cloth, And Butyl Rubber Modified Asphalt Is Used As Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Layer. Its Base Material Is Fiber Structure, Which Can Effectively Resist The Creep Failure Caused By Soil Stress. According To The International Investigation Of Similar Products, The Effective Protection Time Is More Than 30 Years.
Polypropylene Anticorrosion Tape Can Be Widely Used In Water Supply And Drainage Of Oil, Natural Gas, Chemical Industry And Urban Construction, And Can Also Be Used In External Anti-Corrosion And Repair Engineering Of Oil And Gas Transportation Steel Pipeline And Steel Buried Storage Tank. It Has The Characteristics Of Simple Construction, Impact Resistance, Aging Resistance, Tensile Resistance, Ultraviolet Radiation Resistance And High Bonding Strength.

Performance index:
Color: Black
Tensile strength MPa: ≥ 60
Peel strength n / cm: for primer steel ≥ 30, for tape backing material ≥ 25
Dielectric strength kV / mm: ≥ 15
Volume resistivity Ω. m:>1x10^12
Water vapor transmittance (24h) mg / cm ^ 2: < 0.45
Heat aging test (2400h)%: ≥ 75%
UV aging resistance (600H): ≥ 80%
Water absorption%: < 0.35%
Service temperature (℃): - 30-90

Usage Method:
(1) Surface Treatment Of Steel Pipe: Remove Rust, Welding Slag, Burr, Oil And Dirt, And Keep The Pipe Surface Clean And Dry. Manual Derusting Should Reach St3 And Mechanical Derusting Should Reach Sa2.
(2) Primer: Special Matching Primer Shall Be Used. Keep Away From Fire Source, Mix Evenly, And Coat The Outer Wall Of Steel Pipe With Clean Brush, Roller Or Other Mechanical Methods. Primer Dosage: 0.15kg/m2 By Hand; 12 Kg / m ^ 2.
(3) After The Primer Surface Is Dry (Generally 5-10 Minutes), The Tape Can Be Wrapped.
(4) Backfilling In Trench: After Passing The Quality Inspection, The Polypropylene Anti-Corrosion Tape Can Be Buried In The Trench.

Transportation And Storage:
(1) It Is Forbidden To Expose To The Sun, Rain And Crush The Polypropylene Anti-Corrosion Belt During Transportation.
(2) In Transportation Or Storage, When It Is Frozen Below 5 ℃, It Should Be Stored At About 20 ℃ For 48 Hours Before Construction.

(3) It Should Be Stored In a Cool Warehouse With a Temperature Of 5-30 ℃ And a Temperature Of Less Than 35 ℃ For 18 Months And Away From Heat Source And Open Fire.



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