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Buried Pipeline Anticorrosive Adhesive Tape

Buried Pipeline Anticorrosive Adhesive Tape Is Mainly Used To Protect The Deep Buried Pipeline. It Can Isolate The Pipeline From The External Corrosion Environment By Winding On The Outer Wall Of The Pipeline. There Are Three Kinds Of Buried Anti-Corrosion Tape In Our Company:
1. Coated Anti-Corrosion Buried Tape:
The Coated Buried Tape Is Made Of Blown Polyethylene Film As Base Material, Which Is Treated By Corona, Then Coated With Natural Rubber Solution Dissolved By Toluene, And Residual Film After Solvent Volatilization. This Kind Of Tape Has The Advantages Of Low Cost Because Of Its Simple Manufacturing Process And Less Equipment Investment.
However, Due To The Limitations Of Its Production Process And Material Selection, There Are Some Problems, Such As Low Strength Of Blown Film, Limited Aging Of Corona Treatment, Natural Rubber Aging, Thin Adhesive Layer Coated With Liquid Rubber, Low Adhesion With Base Film, Low Peeling Strength, And Often Debonding On Both Sides. Moreover, Toluene Is a Toxic Solvent, Easy To Cause Environmental Pollution And Harm Human Health. It Should Be Used In Projects With Small Scale And Short Service Life.

2. Hot Melt Coating Anticorrosive Buried Tape:
Polyethylene Film, Glass Fiber Cloth, Polypropylene Braided Fabric Or Plastic Coated Non-Woven Fabric Are Used As The Base Materials, And Then The Modified Asphalt Is Heated And Melted And Coated On The Above Base Materials. Modified Asphalt Is To Add a Small Amount Of Sbs And Other Thermoplastic Elastomer In Petroleum Asphalt To Improve The Temperature Sensitivity Of Asphalt. Due To The Modification Of Asphalt, The Temperature Resistance Of This Kind Of Adhesive Tape Is Greatly Improved Compared With The Previous Asphalt Glass Cloth, And The Adhesive Strength Is Very High.
Because 80% Of The Adhesive Material Of This Kind Of Adhesive Tape Is Asphalt, Its Construction Temperature Should Be Controlled Between 5 ℃ And 50 ℃. When It Is Lower Than 5 ℃, The Asphalt Adhesive Layer Of This Kind Of Adhesive Tape Will Harden And Lose Its Viscosity. When It Is Higher Than 50 ℃, The Asphalt Adhesive Layer Is Prone To Overflow, Flow And Adhesion. Therefore, There Must Be Isolation Paper In The Finished Tape Roll To Isolate The Asphalt Adhesive Layer From The Base Material. When The Base Material Of This Kind Of Tape Is Fabric, Its Electrical Insulation Strength Is Only 50% Of That Of Polyethylene Film Tape Due To The Grid Gap, So The Thickness Of The Tape Is Usually More Than 1 Mm. It Should Be Used In The Area With Good Environmental Conditions And Small Temperature Change.

3. Composite Polyethylene Anticorrosive Buried Tape:

It Is Made Of Polyethylene Calendering Film And Butyl Rubber Layer By Co Extrusion. Because The Mechanical Strength Of The Base Material Polyethylene Is Increased By Polyethylene Calendering Process, Butyl Rubber Has Excellent Air Tightness (Gas Permeability Is Only 1 / 20 Of That Of Natural Rubber), And Butyl Rubber Has Unique Self-Adhesive Property Among All Rubbers, Therefore, Polyethylene Butyl Rubber Composite Polyethylene Anti-Corrosion Tape Has The Advantages Of High Mechanical Strength, High Peeling Strength, High Electrical Strength, Good Air Tightness, Wide Temperature Range (- 30 ℃ To 70 ℃), Convenient Construction, No Environmental Pollution And Long Anti-Corrosion Life, So It Has Become The Mainstream Anti-Corrosion Material Widely Used In The World.



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