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PE Pipe Wrapping Tape ( Polyethylene Wrap Tape )

PE Pipe Wrapping Tape ( Polyethylene Wrap Tape ) Is Composed Of Polyolefin And Hot Melt Adhesive Of Rubber Modified Asphalt. The Main Functions Are Sealing, Waterproof And Anti-Corrosion. It Is Widely Used In Oil Pipeline, Natural Gas Pipeline, Chemical Transmission Pipeline, Metallurgical Pipeline, Power Plant Underground Pipeline, Drinking Water Pipeline, Sewage Pipeline, Elbow Anti-Corrosion, Roof Waterproof, Sealing Waterproof And Building Waterproof.
(1) The Thickness Of The Adhesive Layer Is Uniform, And The Adhesive Sealing Performance Is Good.
(2) The Adhesive Force Between The Base Material And The Adhesive Layer Is Large, And There Is No Degumming Phenomenon In The Process Of Storage Or Construction.
(3) Good Heat Aging Resistance And Uv Resistance.
(4) It Has High Tensile Strength And Suitable Elongation At Break, Which Is Convenient For Mechanical And Manual Winding.

(5) Varieties, Specifications And Colors Are Complete, Including Anti-Corrosion Tape (Inner Tape), Protective Tape (Outer Tape), Polyethylene Modified Tape, Anti-Corrosion Primer And Construction Equipment.



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