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Polyethylene Corrosion Protection Tape ( PE Corrosion Protective Tape )

Polyethylene Corrosion Protection Tape ( PE Corrosion Protective Tape ) Is a Kind Of Cold Wrapping Tape. The Utility Model Has The Advantages Of Convenient Construction, No Environmental Pollution, Excellent Anti-Corrosion Performance, Long Service Life And Low Comprehensive Cost. Widely Used In Oil And Gas, Petrochemical, City Gas, Power Supply And Metallurgical Shipbuilding Pipeline Engineering Of Steel Pipeline Anti-Corrosion.

Polyethylene Protection Tape Is Widely Used As External Anti-Corrosion Material In Oil And Gas Steel Pipeline. Because Of Its Excellent Anti-Corrosion Performance And Convenient Construction Performance, It Occupies a Certain Position In The Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Material System. With The Continuous Improvement And Improvement Of Our Company, The Variety And Quality Of Pe Protection Tapes Can Meet The Technical Requirements Of Extra Enhanced And Enhanced External Corrosion Protection Of Various Buried Pipelines, So As To Expand The Application Field Of Polyethylene Tapes.

Polyethylene Corrosion Tapes Can Be Divided Into Inner Belt And Outer Belt. The Products Have a Variety Of Specifications And Are Widely Used For External Corrosion Protection Of Pipelines. The Products Have a Variety Of Advantages.

Anticorrosive Coating Of Corrosion Protection Tape Can Adopt The Composite Anticorrosive Coating Structure Composed Of Primer, Inner Belt And Outer Belt, And The Outer Belt Should Not Be Used Alone. The Anticorrosive Coating Structure Composed Of Primer And Thick Adhesive Tape Can Also Be Used. The Primer Is Made Of Thermoplastic Elastomer Rubber And Tackifying Resin By Organic Solvent To Ensure Good Adhesion Between Anticorrosive Coating And Steel Pipe. The Inner And Outer Belts Are Composed Of Polyethylene Film And Butyl Rubber Adhesive, Which Has Good Mechanical Strength And Adhesive Sealing Performance.



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