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Butyl Rubber Lining IIR For Pipeline Liner

Butyl Rubber Lining IIR For Pipeline Liner Is a Rubber Polymerized From Isobutene With a Small Amount Of Isoprene. The Steric Hindrance Molecule Of Methyl Moves Less Than Other Polymers

Butyl Rubber Lining Parts Iir Gas Permeability Is Less,
For Heat, Sunlight, Ozone Resistance, Good Electrical Insulation,
Resistance To Polar Resistance Is Large,
The General Use Temperature Range Of -54-110 Degrees Celsius

Impermeable To Most General Gases,
Have Good Resistance To Sunlight And Odors
Be Exposed To Animal Or Vegetable Oil Or Chemical Vaporizable Compounds.

Not Used With Petroleum Solvent, Gum, Kerosene, And Aromatic Hydrogen
Butyl Rubber Lining Parts Iir Is Used For Inner Tubes, Leather Bags, Rubber Paper, Window Frames, Rubber, Steam Hoses And Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts For Automobile Tires.



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