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Nitrile Rubber NBR Lining For Pipeline Liner

Nitrile Rubber NBR Lining For Pipeline Liner is special rubber and butadiene acrylonitrile co polymerization.
The acrylonitrile content by 18%~50%,
The acrylonitrile content is high, the better resistance to petrochemical oil hydrocarbon fuel oil, but the low temperature performance is poor.
The general use of the temperature range of -25~100 degrees.
Nitrile rubber NBR Lining Parts is one of the rubber oil seal and O-ring O most commonly used at present
With good oil resistance,
Water resistance,
Anti solvent.
The characteristics of resistance to high pressure oil.
With good compressibility,
Abrasion resistance and elongation.
Not suitable for polar solvents, such as ketones, nitro hydrocarbons, ozone, MEK and chloroform
Nitrile rubber NBR Lining Parts for the production of fuel tank, lubricating oil tank, oil, hydraulic oil, gas, water, oil, using two ester lubricating oil fluid medium rubber parts, especially the sealing parts.
Nitrile rubber NBR Lining Parts Is currently the most widely used NBR rubber seals, the lowest cost.



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