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Polyethylene Barrier Tape ( PE Barrier Tape )

Polyethylene Barrier Tape ( PE Barrier Tape ) Service Life Is 50 Years In The Domestic Industry. In Fact, Polyethylene Cold Winding Tape Was Introduced From Abroad In The Late 1980s. Therefore, At Present, Any Domestic Project Can Not Use The Actual Anti-Corrosion Effect To Explain The Service Life Of Polyethylene Cold Wrapped Tape.
The Internationally Recognized Anti-Corrosion Life Can Reach More Than 30 Years. According To The Application Examples Of Polyethylene Cold Wrapped Tape In The World, The Fact That Most Oil And Gas Pipelines In China And Abroad Have Been Built And Put Into Operation For More Than 40 Years Since The 1960s And 1970s Fully Proves That The Actual Service Life Is Far More Than The Expected 30 Years.

For The Theoretical Calculation Method, There Are Several Calculation And Test Methods. The Results Also Show That The Anti-Corrosion Life Of Polyethylene Cold Winding Tape Is 20-42 Years.
(1) The Composite Effect Of Heat, Oxygen And Water: The Composite Effect Was Considered By Measuring The Change Of The Resistivity Of Adhesive Tape, And The Test At 120 ℃ For 10000 Hours Did Not Reach The End Of Life. The Japanese Use 8 ℃ Half Reduction Criterion To Calculate The Life Of Adhesive Tape. That Is, If The Life At T1 ℃ Is T1, Then The Life At T1 + 8 ℃ Is 0.5t1. According To The 8 ℃ Half Minus Criterion, The Life At 120 ℃ Is 1 × When 104 Hours Is Converted To 80 ℃, Its Life Is 3.2 Years × 105 Hours, About 36.5 Years.
(2) Photoaging Life: Japanese Experts Believe That 200 Hours Of Ultraviolet Radiation Is Equivalent To One Year Of Outdoor Exposure. According To This Theory, The Tensile Strength Of Polyethylene Adhesive Tape Was Tested After Exposed To Ultraviolet Light For 4000 Hours, But The Elongation Decreased By 20%. It Is Considered That The Outdoor Exposure Anticorrosion Life Of Polyethylene Adhesive Tape Can Reach 20 Years.

(3) Effect Of Oxygen: Polyethylene Adhesive Tape Forms Oxide After Oxygen Absorption, And The Amount Of Oxygen Absorption Can Be Determined By The Amount Of Oxide. Generally, The Oxygen Absorption Of The Adhesive Tape At 10ml / G Has Little Effect On The Properties Of The Adhesive Tape. The Arrhenius Curve Is Drawn With The More Strict Value Of 7ml / g As The End Point Of Life. It Can Be Seen From The Curve That The Service Life Of The Adhesive Tape Is 42 Years At 80 ℃.



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