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Pipe Dope Tape | Polyethylene ( PE ) Dope Tape

Pipe Dope Tape | Polyethylene ( PE ) Dope Tape Is Suitable For Anticorrosion And Repair Of Oil, Natural Gas, Chemical, Water Supply And Drainage Pipes, Straight Pipes, Elbows, Storage Tanks, Guide Parts And Other Parts. The Main Advantages Of PE Dope Tape Are Strong Adhesive Force, Good Elongation At Break And Ductility, Good Cathodic Stripping Resistance, Etc.

1, There Is Enough Adhesive Force Between The Tape And The Steel Pipe, And The Peel Strength Is 18-30n / Cm. It Can Effectively Prevent The Liquid Medium From Penetrating Into The Surface Of The Steel Pipe, And It Can Still Maintain High Bonding Strength After Many Years Of Buried.

2, The Tape Has Good Elongation At Break And Ductility. It Can Maintain Its Flexibility In a Wide Temperature Range, And The Elongation At Break Of Conventional Products Is 150-500%. Polyethylene Adhesive Tape Can Be Wound At - 34 ℃ And Used For a Long Time At - 40 ℃. Its Brittleness Temperature Is - 70 ℃.

3, The Adhesive Tape Has High Strength, And Its Tensile Strength Is More Than 20Mpa. It Can Resist The General Mechanical Force Of Pipeline Loading And Unloading And The Stress Of Soil After Buried. Because Of Its Smooth Surface, The Displacement And Delamination Of Anti-Corrosion Coating Will Not Occur When The Pipe And Soil Are Displaced After Buried.

4, The Anticorrosive Coating Of Adhesive Tape Has Good Cathodic Stripping Resistance. The Adhesive Tape Anticorrosion Pipeline Has Reliable Protection Potential And Stable Protection Current.

5, Tape Has High Electrical Insulation And Low Water Absorption And Water Vapor Permeability. Its Water Absorption Is Less Than 0.02%, And Its Electric Breakdown Strength Is More Than 40 Kv / Mm.



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