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Polyurethane Scraper Blades ( Conveyor Belt Scraper )

Polyurethane Scraper Blades ( Conveyor Belt Scraper ) Is a New Generation Sweeper Based On The Market Demand And Development Of Conveyor Belt. Polyurethane Conveyor Belt Scraper Selects High-Quality Polyurethane Elastomer Material, Using Advanced Production Process Processing.So It Is Very Good Polyurethane Sweeper.
Polyurethane Elastomer Polyurethane Scraper Blades Is a Variety Of Polyurethane Synthetic Material. Because Its Structure Has Two Chain Segments, It Can Be Designed To Give High Strength, Good Toughness, Wear Resistance, Oil Resistance And So On. It Has Both High Elasticity Of Rubber And The Rigidity Of Plastic. It Is Called "Wear-Resistant Rubber".
Polyurethane Scraper Blades Can Be Molded, Mixed And Vulcanized (Mpu), As Well As Common Rubber, And Can Be Made Into Liquid Rubber, Pouring Molding Or Spraying, Sealing, And Centrifuging (Cpu); It Can Also Be Made Into Granular Materials, As Well As Ordinary Plastics, Using Injection, Extrusion, Calendering, Blow Molding And Other Processes. Type (Of Cpu).
Conveyor Belt Scraper Moulded Or Injection Molded Parts Can Also Be Machined, Such As Cutting, Grinding, Drilling, Etc. Within a Certain Degree Of Hardness. The Diversity Of Processing Makes Polyurethane Elastomers Have Wide Applicability And Application Fields.
Polyurethane Conveyor Belt Blade Are Resistant To Oil, Ozone, Aging, Radiation, Low Temperature, Sound Transmission, Strong Adhesion, Excellent Biocompatibility And Blood Compatibility. These Advantages Are The Reasons Why Polyurethane Elastomers Are Widely Used In Military, Aerospace, Acoustics, Biology And Other Fields.

Polyurethane Scraper Models:
1) (Gh.Gp.Gn.Go.Gi) Five Models,
2) Broadband (500mm——2200mm) More Than 100 Specifications
Polyurethane Blade Characteristic:
1) High Cleanliness,
2) Non Sticky Material,
3) Wear-Resisting,
4) Oil Resistance,
5) Corrosion Resistance,
6) Don’t Hurt The Tape,
7) Long Service Life,
8) It Can Automatically Compensate For Its Wear And Tear And So On
9) Can Be Customized According To Customer Use Requirements
Polyurethane Scraper Type:
1) Separate Polyurethane Scraper,
2) Integral Polyurethane Scraper
Polyurethane Scraper Use:
It Is Mainly Used For Cleaning Parts On Conveyor Belt
Materials: Polyurethane, Urethane, Poly, Pu

The Adjustable Range Of The Performance Is Large.
Many Physical And Mechanical Properties Can Be Changed In a Certain Range Through The Selection Of Raw Materials And The Adjustment Of The Formula To Meet The User's Different Requirements For The Performance Of The Products.
For Example, The Hardness Is Often An Important Indicator Of The Product. The Polyurethane Elastomer Can Not Only Make The Soft Printing Roller Of Shaoer's a Hardness Of About 20, But Also Make The Hard Rolling Rubber Roll With The Hardness Of Shaoer d More Than 70. This Is Difficult To Do With The General Elastomer Material.
Polyurethane Elastomer Is a Polar Polymer Material Composed Of Many Flexible Chain Segments And Rigid Chain Segments. With The Increase Of The Proportion Of Rigid Chain And The Increase Of Polar Group Density, The Original Strength And Hardness Of The Elastomer Will Be Improved Accordingly.
Excellent Wear Resistance.
Especially In The Presence Of Water, Oil And Other Wetting Media, The Wear Resistance Is Often Several Times To Several Times That Of Ordinary Rubber Materials. Metal Materials, Such As Iron And Steel, Are Hard, But Not Necessarily Wear-Resistant, Such As The Large Water Pumps In The The Yellow River Irrigation Area, Whose Overflow Parts Metal Mouth Rings And Protective Rings Are Scoured By a Large Amount Of Silt, Which Can Not Be Seriously Worn Out For Hundreds Of Hours, While The Mouth Ring And Protective Ring Covered With Polyurethane Elastomers Are Continuously Running 1800 Small Intake. It Is Not Worn.
Other Such As Rice Hulling Roller Used For Rice Milling, Vibrating Screen Plate For Coal Selection, Track Track Of Sports Field, Dynamic Oil Seal For Hoist Shovel, Elevator Wheel And Roller Skating Shoe Wheel Are Also The Use Of Polyurethane Elastomers. One Point To Be Mentioned Is To Improve The Friction Coefficient Of The Medium And Low Hardness Polyurethane Elastic Components And Improve The Wear Resistance Under The Load Load. a Small Amount Of Lubricants Such As Two Aluminum, Graphite Or Silicone Oil Can Be Added To This Kind Of Polyurethane Elastomer.

1, High Internal Heat, High Temperature Resistance In General. The Normal Use Temperature Range Is -40~120 c. For Long-Term Action Under High Frequency Oscillation Condition Or High Temperature Condition, Corresponding Modification Measures Must Be Taken In Structural Design Or Formulation.
2, The Strong Polar Solvent And Strong Acid And Alkali Medium Are Not Resistant. At a Certain Temperature, Alcohols, Acids And Ketones Will Cause The Swelling And Degradation Of Polyurethane Elastomers, And The Solvents Such As Chloroform, Dichloromethane, Two Methyl Formamide And Trichloroethylene Will Cause The Swelling Of Polyurethane Elastomers At Normal Temperature.

Application Areas:
1. The Polyurethane Elastomer For Automobile.
Today's Automobile Industry Is Developing Towards High Performance, Low Weight, Comfort And Safety. Rubber And Plastics Composite Materials Are Gradually Replacing Metal Materials, Which Opens Up a Very Broad Prospect For The Application Of Polyurethane Elastomers. The Us Goodrich Company Has Developed The Second Generation Of Tpu, Its Business Name Is Estaloc. The Product Maintains The Characteristics Of The First Generation Of Tpuestaloc And Uses Hollow Glass Ball As a Filler To Increase The Glossiness By More Than 15%, And Can Be Used To Make Automobile Edges And Cushions.
The Installation Of Airbags On Cars Is a Need For The Development Of Modern Automobile Industry, And Plays An Important Role In Protecting The Lives And Safety Of Drivers. This Kind Of Air Bag Must Have a Certain Strength To Withstand High Speed Impact. It Also Has Good Low Temperature Flexibility And Is Suitable For Making Polyurethane. Each Gasbag Uses About 300 Grams Of Glue. Most Of Our Cars Have Not Been Equipped With Airbags, And The Market Demand Is Very Large.
Use Polyurethane Elastomers For High Strength And High Load Carrying Capacity. It Can Be Used To Manufacture Medium And Low Speed Truck Tires With High Strength And High Bearing Capacity, And Can Be Used To Manufacture Medium And Low Speed Heavy Truck Tires. Its Bearing Capacity Is 7 Times That Of The Same Size Tire Made Of Natural Rubber.
In Recent Years, a New Type Of Green Polyurethane Composite Tire Is Being Developed. It Is a High Wear Resistant And Stabbing Resistant Polyurethane Rubber Rubber Layer With a Certain Thickness Of The New And Old Rubber Light Tire. It Is Now In The Mileage Test Stage, And It Is Expected To Be Put Into Production Soon After.
2. The Polyurethane Elastomer For Building.
The Traditional Asphalt Felt Waterproof Material Has Been Gradually Replaced By a Durable And Holistic Polyurethane Waterproof Material.
Only 10 Years Ago, The Runways Of The Sports Field Only Used Polyurethane Paving Materials Only At The National Level, But Now Most Of The Provinces And Cities, Colleges And Universities, And Even Some Primary And Secondary Schools Have Also Been Paved With Polyurethane Plastic Runways.
The Expansion Joint Of The Large Bridge, The Airport Runway And The Seams Of The Freeway Also Begin To Use The Constant Temperature Solidified Polychlorate Elastomer To Make The Sleeper Of The High Speed Railway. The Sleeper On The Tunnel And Bridge Through The New Trunk Railway Is Used As The Polychlorate Elastomer Material.
This New Application Has Made Full Use Of The Characteristics Of Polychloric Acid, Such As Light Elasticity, Good Shock Absorption And Aging Resistance.
3, Polychlorate Elastomer Used In Mine.
Coal Mines, Metal And Non-Metallic Mines Are In Great Demand For Non-Metallic Materials With High Wear Resistance, High Strength And Elasticity.  In The Past 10 Years, a Lot Of Polychlorate Elastic Screening Plates Used In Coal Plants Have Replaced Heavy Metal Sieve Plates, Which Not Only Greatly Prolong The Service Life Of The Sieve Plate, But Also Obviously Reduce The Noise Of The Operating Environment, And The Effect Of Energy Saving And Reducing Consumption Is Obvious.
Other Such As The Hydrocyclone Used To Make Solid Separation, The Wear-Resistant Transport Belt Of Flame Retardant And Antistatic, The Real Core Of The Mining Monorail Crane, The Combination Plate Of The Coal Pulping Machine, The Oil Seal On The Dump Truck Of Ten Thousand Tons Electric Wheel, And The Cold Filling Of The High Pressure Cable Sheath, Have Also Played a Great Role In The Construction Of The Mine. At Present, Many Wear-Resistant Resilient Products Are Waiting For Us To Develop And Popularize.
4. Polychlorate Elastomers Used For Shoes.
Since Taiwan Businessmen Have Come To Mainland China, The Footwear Industry Has Developed Rapidly. Polychlorate Has The Advantages Of Good Cushioning, Light Quality, Wear Resistance And Skidproof. It Has Become An Important Supporting Material In The Shoe Making Industry. The Sole, Heel, Head And Insole Of Many Shoes, Such As Golf Shoes, Baseball Shoes, Football Shoes, Ski Shoes, Travel Shoes, Safety Shoes And So On, Are Used As Polychlorate Elastomers. The Product Is Not Only Beautiful, But Also Comfortable And Durable, And Can Improve Athletic Performance.
5. Medical Polyurethane Elastomer.
Good Biocompatibility, Blood Compatibility And No Additives Are Important Reasons For The Application Of Tpu And Cpu Materials In The Medical Field.
At Present, The Medical Elastomer Products Have Been Successfully Developed: Tracheal Tube, Prosthesis, Plug Plugging Agent For Family Planning, Repair Material Of Skull Defect, Condom And So On, Which Have a Very Broad Prospect Of Application In Medical And Health Fields.
6. New Type Of Polyurethane Composite Sheet.
Britain Is Developing a Polyurethane Composite Panel Called Sps Splint System, Which Will Bring a Revolution To Shipbuilding Industry.
It Includes Two Layers Of 9mm Thick Steel Plate And 40mm Thick Polyurethane Elastomer Injected Into Them. Once Developed, It Can Replace The Reinforced Steel Plate Materials Used In Traditional Shipbuilding Industry. The Advantages Are: Saving Time, Saving Steel Plate, Reducing Hull Weight, Impact Resistance, Fatigue Resistance, Damping, Silencing, And Insulation. Once The Composite Material Of Sps System Is Used For Shipbuilding In The Future, The Polyurethane Elastomers Consumed By The Shipbuilding Industry Will Be a Very Surprising Number.



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