Wear Resistant Linings

  • Rubber Lined Spooling Works Piping
Rubber Lined Spooling Works Piping

Rubber Lined Spooling Works Piping

  • Size : DN 250 DN 300 DN 450
  • Steel Pipe Thickness : 8.9 MM
  • Rubber Liner Thickness: 8 MM
  • Length : 6000 MM
  • Description: Rubber Lined Spooling Works Piping For Pipeline Project From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : sales@rubberlinedpipes.com . Wear Rubber Linings. ASME B16.5 ASTM
Rubber Lined Spooling Works Piping Is A Parts Of Composite Pipeline System Which Is Made Of Carbon Steel Pipe And Fitting As Matrix , 90 Shore A Rubber Lining Material As Processed By Special Technology.

Rubber Lined Spooling Work Has Excellent Wear Resistance, Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Anti-Scaling, Radiation Resistance, Hydrolysis Aging Resistance, High Elasticity, Mechanical Impact Resistance , High Anti Corrosion And Other Comprehensive Properties.

It Is One Of The Mainstream Wear-Resistant Pipeline In The World. As China's Wear-Resistant Industry Is In The Developing Stage, The Types Of Wear-Resistant Pipeline Are Emerging In An Endless Stream, But The Trend Of Rubber Elastomer Becoming The Mainstream Product In The Wear-Resistant Industry Is Urgent.

At Present, Our Company's Rubber Production Technology, Pipeline Forming Technology Has Been Quite Perfect, There Is No Need To Import Foreign Raw Materials And Production Equipment, Our Company Has The World's Advanced Testing Equipment, Greatly Reducing Production Costs. Sufficient Capacity To Meet The Needs Of Buyers Around The World.

Rubber Lined Pipe Line Is Suitable For Conveying Coarse Particles, High Pressure And High Speed Media. Under This Industrial And Mining Conditions, The Superior Performance Of Rubber Will Be Brought Into Full Play.

In Soft Media With Fine Particles ( 200 Mesh Accounting For 80% ), Low Pressure (<2.0 Mpa), Low Flow Rate (<1.8m/s), Its Superiority Is Very Small.

Rubber Lined Spooling Works Piping Is a Kind Of Polymer Wear-Resistant Material. It Is Widely Used In Daily Life, Freezer In Household Appliances, Roof Waterproof Insulation Layer And Interior And Exterior Wall Paint In Construction Industry, Etc. Can Also Be Made Into Various Rubber Materials Such As Rubber Sole, Rubber Fiber, Rubber Sealant, Etc. In General, Rubber Products Have Wide Range Of Properties, Strong Adaptability, Biological Aging Resistance And Moderate Price.



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