Wear Resistant Linings

  • Rubber Lined Elbow & Rubber Lined Bends
Rubber Lined Elbow & Rubber Lined Bends

Rubber Lined Elbow & Rubber Lined Bends

  • Rubber lined short radius elbow
  • Rubber lined Long radius elbow
  • 90 degree; 45 degree; 22.5 degree
  • DN150 ~ DN2000
  • Description: Rubber Lined Elbow & Rubber Lined Bends From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : sales@rubberlinedpipes.com . Wear Rubber Linings. ASME B16.5 ASTM A53: Working Ser
Rubber Lined Elbow ( Rubber Lined Bends ) Is The Most Serious Wear In The Rubber Lined Pipeline, Because Its Main Function Is To Change The Direction Of The Rubber Lined Pipe Line, So In Practical Application, Due To The Centrifugal Force, The Outer Layer Of The Rubber Lined Elbow Needs To Bear Greater Pressure And Wear. Therefore, The Rubber-Lined Bends Produced By Our Company Will Increase The Thickness Of Rubber On The Outer Wall To Cope With More Intense Wear And Tear.

Usually, Rubber Lined Elbows Are Divided Into Long-Necked Elbows And Short-Necked Network Tubes Elbow, Large-Radius Elbows And Small-Radius Elbows. It's 45 Degrees, 90 Degrees, 135 Degrees, 180 Degrees Or 25 Degrees.

Because The Rubber Lined Pipeline Often Conveys Strong Wear Media, In Actual Working Conditions And Design Drawings, 130 Degree Elbows And 180 Degree Elbows Are Seldom Seen. More Common Are 45-Degree Elbows And 90-Degree Elbows.
At Present, The Diameter Of The Rubber Elbow Produced By Our Company Generally Ranges From DN100 To DN1100, And The Thickness Of The Rubber Elbow Varies Greatly According To Different Environments, Generally 6 MM And 8 MM. Of Course, For Some Large-Caliber Elbows, You Can Also See That The Thickness Of The Lining Up To 20 MM.

The Two Ends Of The Elbow Are Usually Welded With The Same Size Of Flange, Which Is Different From The Reducer. This Rubber Lined Pipe Only Changes The Direction Of The Conveying Medium And Does Not Change The Flow Diameter.
But In Order To Facilitate Installation, Sometimes We Will Make One Of The Flanges Into Movable Flanges, Which Will Not Be Welded Directly On The Pipeline.
Rubber Lined Elbow Also Named As Rubber Lined Bends . It Is Important Pipe Parts In The Rubber Steel Steel Pipeline. In The Pipeline System, The Pipe Fittings Of Rubber Lined Steel Elbow Mainly Change The Direction Of The Pipeline.

Partition By Angle: There Are 45 degree Rubber Lined Elbow , 90 degree Rubber Lined Elbow , 180 degree Rubber Lined Elbow. Three Most Commonly Used, In Addition To Engineering Needs Including 60 degree Rubber Lined Elbow . And Other Abnormal Angle Elbow. The External Steel Pipe Parts Of The Elbow Are Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Malleable Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals And Plastics.
The Ways Of Connecting With The Lined Rubber Steel Pipe Are: Direct Welding (The Most Commonly Used Way) Flange Connection, Hot Melt Connection, Electric Melting Connection, Thread Connection And Socket Connection, Etc.

According To The Production Process Can Be Divided Into: Rubber Lined Welding Elbow, Rubber Lined Stamping Elbow, Rubber Lined Steel Elbow, Rubber Lined Casting Elbow, Rubber Lined Butt Welding Bend, Etc.
Other Name : Rubber Lined 90 Degree Bend , Rubber Lined Right Angle Bend, Etc.

Rubber Lined Elbow ( Bend ) Pipe Has Excellent Comprehensive Properties Such As Wear Resistance, Acid Resistance, Scale Prevention, Radiation Resistance, Hydrolysis And Aging Resistance, High Elasticity And Mechanical Impact Resistance.



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