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  • Rubber Lined Tee ( Cross | Four-Way )
Rubber Lined Tee ( Cross | Four-Way )

Rubber Lined Tee ( Cross | Four-Way )

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  • Description: Rubber Lined Tee ( Cross | Four-Way ) For Pipeline Project From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : sales@rubberlinedpipes.com . Wear Rubber Linings. ASME B16.5 AS
Rubber Lined Tee ( Cross | Four-Way ) For Pipeline Project Are Used In The Confluence Or Diversion Fittings Of The Rubber Lined Pipelines. The Rubber-Lined Tee Is On The Basis Of The Straight Pipe, Extending Another Branch In The Middle, And Also With The Rubber Lined Flange. Lining Rubber Four-Way Also Known As The Transaction Cross. As The Name Implies, It Is a Special Rubber Lining Tee Arranged In a Cross, With Only Four Ports And Four Flanges. It Also Plays The Role Of Diversion And Confluence.

The Rubber Lined Tees Can Also Be Divided Into The Concentric Tees And The Eccentric Tees. The Rubber-Lined Four-Way Connection Is a Special Three-Way Connection. Following Is The Introduction Of What We Collectively Call The Lining Rubber Tee.

In Splitting, The Direction Of Some Fluids Can Be Changed Like a Rubber Elbow. Especially In Concentrate Process Pipelines, It Is Necessary To Frequently Open And Close Different Pipelines To Achieve The Purpose Of Maintaining Other Parts. Therefore, a Large Number Of Three-Way Links Need To Be Used.

When Confluence Occurs, The Lining Tee Also Plays An Important Role, Especially In Pumping Stations, Which Need To Be Discharged From Multiple Pumps To a Main Pipeline At The Same Time To Increase The Discharge Pressure In The Pipeline. Therefore, a Multi-Branch Multi-Function Three-Way Equipment Is Needed To Collect The Displacement Of Multiple Pumps To Transport Tailings And Provide More Favorable Guarantee For Tailings Discharge.

Performance Advantages :
1. Wear Resistance Is Good.
Because The Rubber Lining Has Better Elasticity, But Under The Impact Of The Medium, Rubber liner Is Forced To Compress Under The Action Of External Force, And After The External Force Disappears, The Rubber Is Restored To Its Original State. This Kind Of Flexible Steel Greatly Reduces The Wear Caused By The Direct Strong Scour Of The Medium On The Inner Wall Of The Pipe, And Its Wear Resistance Life Is More Than Ten Times That Of The Steel Pipe.
2. Anti-Scaling.
Rubber Lining Elastomer Has a Symmetrical Molecular Structure, Which Can Not Form a Ca2+ To The Slurry, Co32-,Hco3,Oh Plasma Adsorption, And Can Not Form a Scale Layer. According To The Smooth Inner Surface And Good Elasticity, It Can Prevent The Adhesion Of The Scale Layer, So It Has Better Anti-Scaling And Anti-Scaling Performance.
3. Running Resistance Is Small.
The Smooth Tool On The Inner Rubber Lining Surface Is Transparent And The Roughness Of The Inner Wall Is 0.082, Which Can Reduce The Running Cost.
4. Water Resistance Stability, Good Aging Resistance.
It Will Not Be Like Rubber Products In Water Will Occur Swelling Phenomenon And Affect The Performance Of Use.
5. Combine.
The Pipe Tee Rubber Lining Is Closely Combined With The Rubber Lined Pipe, And Special Process Is Adopted. At Present, It Is Widely Used In Ocean, Ferrous Metal Mine, Non-Ferrous Metal Mine, Mineral Processing Process Pipeline Of Non-Metallic Mine, Tailings Transportation Pipeline, Coal Supply And Ash Removal System Transportation Pipeline Of Thermal Power Plant, And Petroleum, Chemical Industry, Cement. Pipeline Transportation In Grain And Other Industries.



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