Wear Resistant Linings

  • Rubber Lined Reducer & Reducing Piping
Rubber Lined Reducer & Reducing Piping

Rubber Lined Reducer & Reducing Piping

  • Concentric Reducer
  • Eccentric Reducer
  • Rubber Liner Thickness 6MM 8MM 10MM 12MM
  • DN80 ~ DN600
  • Description: Rubber Lined Reducer & Reducing Piping From China JinRuiDa Industry Solutions Co.,Ltd Factory Supplier Sales Email : sales@rubberlinedpipes.com . Wear Rubber Linings. ASME B16.5 ASTM A53: Working Serv

Rubber Lined Reducer Is An Important Part Of The Rubber Liner Pipeline, And It Is The Main Part Used To Change The Diameter Of The Pipeline. Generally Speaking, The Rubber Lined Reducer Can Be Divided Into Concentric Reducer And Eccentric Reducer. The Two Ends Are Welded With Different Size Flanges To Connect Two Different Caliber Rubber Lining Pipes.
Main Features
1. High Impact Resistance
Rubber Will Deform Under Impact, Absorb The Kinetic Energy Of Particles, And Then Return Most Of The Energy To Particles In The Form Of Rebound, Reducing The Impact Force.
2. High Wear Resistance
It Is Suitable For High Wear Environment. Its Wear Resistance Is More Than 20 Times Of The Size Of The Rubber-Lined Reducer, More Than Four Times Of The Ceramics, And More Than Seven Times Of The Same Kind Of Rubber-Lined Pipe Fittings. It Can Be Used Continuously For 15-40 Years.
3. Selection Of Steel Tube Parts
It Is Suitable For The Need Of Various Pressures And Plays The Role Of Protecting The Lining Colloid At The Same Time.
4. Wide Range Of Temperature Adaptation
The Size Of The Lining Head Can Be Used For a Long Time In The Range Of - 40 To 140 C, And The Lining Layer Will Not Be Detached From The Steel Frame Due To The Change Of Temperature.
5. Good Corrosion Resistance
Suitable For High Corrosive Environment, Lining Reducer And Small Reducer Can Be Used In Complex And Harsh Chemical Corrosive Environment.
6. Low Operating Resistance
Reduce Energy Consumption, The Company's Production Of Rubber-Lined Steel Pipe Size Reducer Tube Using Extrusion Process, Smooth Inner Wall.
7. Light Weight
Its Weight Is 20% To 30% Lighter Than Ordinary Steel Pipe Parts, Easy To Install, Easy To Maintain And Transport.
8. Recyclable
The Steel Pipe Only Needs One-Time Investment. It Can Be Used To Repair The Used Old Steel Pipe Parts And Continue To Use Glue After Lining. Each Time The Glue Lining Is Equal To 4-5 Times Of The Life Of The Metal Pipe.



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