Wear Resistant Linings

  • Rubber Lined Straight Steel Pipe
Rubber Lined Straight Steel Pipe

Rubber Lined Straight Steel Pipe

  • Hardness : 60 Shore A , 65 Shore A
  • Tensile Strength ≥17 MPa
  • Tearing Elongation ≥ 450 %
  • Tearing Permanent Deformation ≤ 15%
  • Description: Rubber Lined Straight Steel Pipe Protect Pipeline With Their Characteristic Of Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, High Temperature Resistance.
Rubber Lined Straight Steel Pipe Protect Pipeline With Their Characteristic Of Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, High Temperature Resistance.
1, Carbon Steel Pipe Or Stainless Steel Pipe As Framework,
2, High Wear Resistant Rubber, Corrosion Resistant Rubber, High Temperature Resistant Rubber As Rubber Lining
3, High-Performance Adhesives For Rubber Lining On The Steel Pipe Inner. Adhesives Made By Our Workshop, So That Make Sure Rubber Lined Straight Pipe Will Be Well Use.
4, Surface Should Be Anti Corrosive Spray Paint
5, Wear Resistant Vulcanized Rubber For Lined Pipe Working Time Always Above 10Years
6, Rubber Lined Straight Pipe For Iron Ore Mine Tailings Mining Slurry Pipe
7, Rubber Lined Fitting For Sea Water Dredging Pipe
8, Rubber Lined Spool Work For Electric-Power Plant Factory Industry Desulfurization Pipe
9, Rubber Lined Framework For Chemical Plant Factory Sewage Pipe
Rubber Lined Straight Pipe Mainly Based On The Unique Properties Of Rubber, High Elasticity, High Air Tightness, Impact Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Weather Resistance, Radiation Resistance, Chemical Resistance And Vibration Absorption And Other Advantages, And The Rubber And Metal Compounds Have Good Combination, So It Is Suitable For Rubber Chemical Equipment Lining. It Is Widely Used In Various Medium Conveying Pipeline, Pipe Body And Treatment Of Acid, Alkali And Salt In The Container, Reactor, Pump, Valve, Mixer And Other Equipment, To Solve The Corrosion Problem Of Pipeline Equipment.

Producing Method:
There Are Two Method Of Rubber Lined Piping: Heat Vulcanizing Rubber Lined Straight Pipe Method And Rubber Line Bonding Inner Steel Pipe Method.
Heat Vulcanization Bonding Rubber Lined Straight Pipe
Through Vulcanization Tank, Under High Temperature And High Pressure, Making The Rubber Vulcanization Bonding On Steel Pipe Inner Surface.
Allow The Rubber Line To Be Vulcanized
Bond The Rubber Line To The Inner Surface Of The Steel Piping Spool Work By Heat Vulcanizing.
Rubber Line Bonding For Rubber Lined Straight Pipe Method
Through The Special Vulcanizing Adhesive,
Making Rubber Line Direct Bonding,
After Bonding, Then The Rubber Lined Straight Pipe Can Be Used Directly

Producing Process:
Carbon Steel Pipe Frame Sand Blasting :
Sand Blasting On Carbon Steel Pipe Framework Inside And Outside
Make Sure Both Side About Pipe Framework Clean
Surface Roughness Of The Inside About Carbon Steel Pipe Skeleton Frame Be 45~75 Microns.
Carbon Steel Pipe Framework Surface Degreasing :
Put The Sand Blasting Steel Pipe Frame On The Work Table,
Use Oxalic Acid  Clean Surface Of Carbon Steel Pipe Frame Which Place Need To Be Rubber Lined.
Making Adhesive On Surface Carbon Steel Pipe :
After Surface Degreasing 5~10 Minutes, Apply Adhesive A,
After Make Sure Adhesive A Be Dry, Apply Adhesive B.
Making Rubber Liner For Rubber Lined Straight Pipe :
Preheat Rubber Plate,
Use Rubber Extruder Finished The Rubber Lined.
Making Rubber Plate Lined On Carbon Steel Pipe:
Clean Surface Of Rubber Plate With Oxalic Acid,
After Rubber Plate Surface Dry, Making Adhesive On The Surface Of Rubber Plate.
Rubber Lined Straight Pipe Vulcanization :
Put The First Step Rubber Lined Piping Into The Vulcanization Tank To Be Vulcanization.
Rubber Lined Straight Pipeline Inspection :
Test All Adhesive Surfaces By High Voltage Spark Tester.
Make Sure All The Rubber Plate With Steel Pipe Skeleton Frame Are Well Bonded
There Is No Missing Place Without Be Adhesive Be Bonded.
There Is No Missing Place.

Plywood Cold Bonding Procedure:
1. With Adhesive 2. Dozen Wool Rubber Plate 3. Cleaning Plate 4. Steel Pipe Rust 5. Cleaning Steel Pipe 6. Brushing Bottom Oil 7. Coating Adhesive 8. Putting In Rubber Plate 9. Adjusting Rubber Plate 10. Pressing Rubber Plate Preparation Of Adhesive
A. Binder Solufix No.14 And The Bottle Curing Agent Irodur Are Evenly Mixed At The Rate Of 100:6 After Adding
B. Curing Agent, The Adhesive Can Be Solidified In Less Than 3 Hours, And Must Be Adjusted According To The Dosage
1. Preparation Of Rubber Plate
A. All Adhesive Surface Must Be Made Of Wool (One Or Both Sides Of The Factory), Including The Joint
B. All Surfaces That Need To Be Bonded (Including Joints) Must Be Washed With Banana Water And Dried Thoroughly
2. Rubber And Rubber Bonding
A. Evenly Coated With a Good Adhesive On The Bonding Surface, And Dry For 10 To 15 Minutes;
B. Then Evenly Coated With Second Layers Of Good Adhesive, To The Bonding Surface Does Not Stick Hand, And Then Bonding Surface Overlap;
C. Adhesive In a Short Time To Cement, Adjust The Bonding Position In The Press Before;
D. When The Position Is Good, Press On The Entire Surface, Make It Contact Evenly, Extrude Air
3. Rubber And Metal Plate Bonding
Rust Or Oxide Layer Should Be Removed By Sandblasting Or Wire Brush On The Surface Of A. Metal Plate;
B. Use Banana Water To Clean The Surface After Blasting And Dry Thoroughly;
C. Coated With Primer 9254 Metal Base Oil, About 2 Hours To Dry, Such As The First Layer Is Too Thin, Can Be Painted Second Layers;
D. Bonding Procedure Was The Same As The Third a To D Items
5, Matters Needing Attention
A. Adhesive (14T) And Curing Agent Are Sealed In The Dark Ventilated Place And Carefully Splashed Into The Eyes;
The Amount Of B.9254 Base Oil Can Be Coated 4 Square Meters Per Liter;
The Amount Of C. Adhesive (14T) Can Be Coated 1.5 Square Meters Per Liter;
D. Per Liter Binder (14T) Needs 52 Grams Of Curing Agent (Iroduour) In Use
6, Cold Adhesive Strength

Glue On The Adhesive Strength Of 15 Pounds Per Inch; Rubber To Metal Bond Strength Of 20 Pounds Per Inch (Three Days); 30 Pounds Per Inch (One Week Later); 50 Pounds Per Inch (One Month); 80 Pounds Per Inch (March).



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