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Radiation Crosslinked Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Tape

Radiation Crosslinked Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Tape Series Products Are Designed For Anticorrosion Of Welded Joints Of Buried And Overhead Steel Pipelines And Thermal Insulation Joint Repair Of Thermal Insulation Pipelines.
Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Tape Is Composed Of Radiation Crosslinked Polyolefin Base Material And Special Sealing Hot Melt Adhesive. The Special Sealing Hot Melt Adhesive Can Form Good Adhesion With Polyolefin Base Material, Steel Pipe Surface And Solid Epoxy Coating. When The Radiation Cross-Linked Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Belt Is Heated And Installed, The Base Material Shrinks Radially, And The Internal Composite Adhesive Layer Melts And Tightly Covers The Joint, Forming a Firm Anti-Corrosion Body Outside The Pipeline Together With The Base Material.
It Has Excellent Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Impact Resistance, Ultraviolet Resistance And Light Aging Resistance. In Addition, The Radiation Crosslinked Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Belt Is Called Looper In The Industry. Compared With The Heat Shrinkable Sleeve, It Is Called Dead Sleeve. In Addition To The Main Body Of The Radiation Crosslinked Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Belt, It Is Also Equipped With Adhesive Tape And Fixing Piece. Moreover, The Radiation Crosslinked Polyethylene Heat Shrinkable Belt Is Convenient For Large-Scale Production And Construction.

High Mechanical Strength And Strong Anti-Aging Ability.
Good Environmental Stress Resistance.
Excellent Adhesion.
Easy To Use.
Executive Standard ": Sy / T 0413-2002, Nace Rp0303-2003
Maximum Operating Temperature: 80 ℃
Suitable For External Anti-Corrosion Coating: Pe, Fbe, Pp
Preheating Temperature Of Steel Pipe: 75 ℃
Recommended Derusting Grade: Sa 2.5
Product Specification: The Product Can Be Used For All Steel Pipes Of Dn 100-Dn 1000
The Thickness Of Base Material Is 1.0-2.0 Mm, And The Thickness Of Adhesive Layer Is 0.8-2.0 Mm
Application Scope:

It Is Mainly Used In Anti-Corrosion Patching Of Gas Pipeline, Oil And Gas Pipeline, Water Supply And Drainage Pipeline And Heating Pipe Network. It Is An Important Anti-Corrosion Material In Cathodic Protection Engineering.



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