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Molded Rubber Parts ( Custom Rubber Molding Parts )

Molded Rubber Parts ( Custom Rubber Molding Parts ) Refers To The Natural Rubber And Synthetic Rubber As Raw Material To Produce All Kinds Of Rubber Parts Synthetic Rubber Molding Parts Has Greatly Exceeded Natural Rubber, Of Which The Largest Output Is Styrene Butadiene Rubber.
Molded Rubber Parts Features:
1. Molded Rubber Parts After Pressing, The Elastic Body Is Within The Cohesion Can Not Be Eliminated, The Molding Die, Often Have a Very Unstable Contraction (Rubber Shrinkage Due To Rubber Vary), Required After a Period Of Time, In Order To Slow And Stable.
2. Rubber Is Elastic Body. With Rubber Thermosetting Thermosol Sulfides Are The Subject, The Molding Temperature Range, Also Has a Considerable Gap. So The Rubber Molded Parts Production Conditions, To Make Appropriate Adjustments, Otherwise It Might Produce Differences In Product Quality.
3. Rubber Molded Parts Is The Internal Mixer Made Of Mixed Rubber As Raw Materials Made Of Rubber Materials In Rubber According To The Desired Characteristics Of Molding Rubber Parts And Design Formula, And Set The Desired Product Hardness. Product Molding Were Molded By Rubber Vulcanizing Machine. After Molding Products Finally Flash The Product Surface Smooth, Without Burr.
4. Molded Rubber Parts Refers To Rubber Molded Parts In The Processing, Storage And Use Of The Process, Due To The Comprehensive Effect Of Internal And External Factors Caused By The Performance Of The Structure Change, Then The Loss Of Use Value Phenomenon. For Cracking, Sticky, Hardening, Softening, Disintegration, Discoloration, Mildew And So On.

Molded Rubber Parts Vulcanization Process:
Three Elements Of Vulcanization: Pressure, Temperature, And Time
1. Molded Rubber Parts For Vulcanizing Purposes
Prevent The Formation Of Bubbles And Improve The Density Of The Compound
Make The Glue Flow And Fill The Model
Improve Adhesion, Increase Adhesive Strength Of Rubber And Metal, And Improve The Physical Properties Of Vulcanizate
2. The Effect Of Vulcanization Temperature And Vulcanization Time On Molded Rubber Parts:
Vulcanization Temperature Is High, Vulcanization Speed Is Fast, Production Efficiency Is High, Otherwise, Production Efficiency Is Low
Vulcanization Temperature And Curing Time Are Mutually Restricted, In The Same Rubber, The Curing Temperature Increases, And The Relative Is The Shortening Of Vulcanization Time
Curing At Low Temperature For a Long Time And High Temperature For a Short Time, The Physical Properties Of The Rubber Are Better Than Those Of The Latter
When Vulcanization Temperature Increases By 10 Degrees, The Curing Time Is Shortened By 1/2, Otherwise, The Temperature Is Reduced By 10 Degrees, And The Curing Time Is Doubled
3. The Relation Between The Thickness Of Molded Rubber Parts And The Time Of Vulcanization
The Heat Transfer Of Rubber Is Poor, And The Heat Transfer Time Of 25mm Film Is 126 Times Of That Of 1.9mm Thin Film
Molded Rubber Parts Lower Than 6mm Thickness, Vulcanization Time Is Vulcanized According To The Correct Vulcanizing Time Determined By Vulcanizing Apparatus
The Thickness Of The Molded Rubber Parts Is Increased By 1mm Every Time, And The Curing Time Is Prolonged By 47 Seconds
4. Vulcanization Process Of Molded Rubber Parts With Skeleton Material
Metal Bonded Surface Sandblasting - Degreasing - Coating Adhesive - Forming - Vulcanizing - Trimming - Inspection - Packaging - Warehousing

5. Types, Causes, Solutions And Prevention Of Defects Of Rubber Molded Parts.
1>Air Tightness: The Glue Has High Viscosity And Adheres To The Mold Wall When Flowing In The Mold Cavity, So That The Air Can Not Be Discharged Smoothly. Mold Design Is Unreasonable, Not In Accordance With The Operating Procedures Or Unreasonable Operation. The Solution: Adjust The Formula, Transform The Mold, Standardize The Operation Behavior Of Workers.
2>Rotten Edge: If The Sealing Edge Is Too Thick, It Is Easy To Appear Rotten Edge. The Reasons For The Thickness Of Sealing Edge Are Mold Design, Insufficient Pressure Of Vulcanizing Machine, Bias, Dropping Pressure Or Mold Not Being Placed Properly. The Solution: To Transform The Mold, Adjust The Pressure Of Vulcanizing Machine, Replace Oil Seal, Enhance The Sense Of Responsibility Of Workers, Standardize Operation.
3>Lack Of Rubber: Less Or Partial Loading Of Rubber, Poor Fluidity Of Rubber Compound And Short Prevulcanization Time Of Rubber Compound. The Solution: Enhance The Sense Of Responsibility, Improve The Technical Level, Adjust The Formula.
4>Crack Or Pitting: Too Much Silicone Oil Is Coated On The Mold, The Storage Time Of The Mixed Rubber Is Too Long, And There Is Self Sulfur Phenomenon Or Uneven Refining. Solution: Reduce The Amount Of Oil Applied To The Mold, Store The Rubber Mixture For a Long Time, Check It Before Use, Standardize The Operation, And Return It Fully To Make It Uniform.
5>Air Bubble: The Adhesive Is Not Fully Dried, Or There Are Oil Stains, Water Stains On The Surface Of The Adhesive, Damp Pollution Of The Rubber Mixture, Damp Pollution Of The Rubber Raw Materials, And Not Venting According To The Limited Time And Times. Solution: Carefully Check The Bonding Surface Of The Framework Before Vulcanization. If It Is Found That It Is Not Completely Dry And Polluted, It Can Be Used After Correction. If The Rubber Mixture Is Seriously Polluted And Soaked, It Is Forbidden To Use. Standard Operation, According To The Specified Time, Frequency, Way, Gas.
6>Degumming, Adhesive Failure Or Not According To The Provisions Of Brushing Adhesive, Or After Brushing The Parking Time Is Too Long, Seriously Polluted By Dust, Etc. Solution: Before Using The Adhesive, The Package Should Be Inspected To See If It Is Damaged And Beyond The Shelf Life. If Necessary, Small Sample Test Should Be Carried Out, And The Skeleton Material Should Be Used As Soon As It Is Applied. Don't Leave It Too Long. If Parking Is Needed Due To Special Factors, Measures Should Be Taken To Prevent Dust, Moisture And Pollution.



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