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Slurry Pump Rubber Lining Parts

Slurry Pump Rubber Lining Parts Takes Metallic Case As a Base Material, Adopting High-Quality Wear-Resistant Corrosion-Proof Rubber Material And Mould-Forming Through Special Sulphurizaiton Technology, Which Is Awarded With National Patent (Patent No.: Zl01-259401.6)
The Rubber Lining Pump Parts Generally Include Front Guard Plate, Front Guard Sleeve, Impeller, Rear Guard Plate, And Rear Guard Sleeve. See The Following Figure.
Rubber Lining Pump Parts Specifications
1. Series Of Rubber Lining Over-Flow Parts For Warman Pump: 1.5/1,2/1.5,3/2,4/3,6/4,8/6,10/8,12/10,14/12,16/14.
2. Series of PNJ rubber lining for sand pump:  2PNJ,4PNJ,6PNJ,8PNJ,and 10PNJ.
3. Series of Rubber Lining Pump Parts of ZJ slag and slurry pump: 40ZJ,50ZJ,65ZJ,80ZJ,100ZJ,150ZJ,200ZJ,250ZJ,300ZJ,and 350ZJ;
4. Series of Rubber Lining Pump Parts for ZGB slag and slurry pump: 65ZGB(P),80ZGB(P),100 ZGB(P),150ZGB(P),200ZGB(P),250ZGB(P),and 300ZGB(P)
5. All The Supporting Products Of Rubber Pumps Parts Used In Shijiazhuang Qiangda Group. 

Note: The Guard Sleeve Of The Zk800Tlr Rubber Lining Pump Parts Of Desulphurizing Pump Is The Largest And Unique Guard Sleeve In China At Present. 
Rubber Lining Pump Parts Features
Rubber Lining Pump Parts Customization: The Rubber Lining Pump Case Is Patented And May Be Customized. The Metallic Pump Case May Be Reutilized. 
Rubber Lining Pump Parts Wear Resistance: It Features Long Service Life. The Testing Worn Result Is 0.02~0.10 Cm3/1.6km, Which Is 0.3-2 Times, Or Above, For That Of An Alloy Guard Sleeve.
Rubber Lining Pump Parts Corrosive Resistance: It May Be Resistant To Corrosion Due To All Kinds Of Acid, Alkali, Salt, And Sea Water. Adoption Of Synthetic Rubber Lining Is Made For Over-Flow Parts, Applicable For Suspending Particles With Ph=0.5-14, a Temperature Within 100℃, H2So4 With a Concentration Of 70% Or Below, Salt And Alkali With a Concentration Of 30% Or Below, And Naoh With a Concentration Of  30% Or Below As Well As The Other Non-Organic Acids, Which Is Provided With High Temperature (Up To 150℃)Resistant Rubber Lining To Meet The Demands Of The Users.
Rubber Lining Pump Parts Interchangeable: It May Be Interchangeable With And Supportive To Warman And Famous Domestic Manufacturers, With Fast, Easy Connecting Means. 
Rubber Lining Pump Parts Meanwhile, We May Supply All Kinds Of Metallic Spare Parts For Over-Flow Components Depending On The Demands Of The Customers.



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