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Natural Rubber Lining For Pipeline Liner

Natural Rubber Lining For Pipeline Liner Is Made From Latex Collected From Rubber Trees. Natural Rubber Is a Polymer Of Isoprene. Natural Rubber Lining Has Good Abrasion Resistance, High Elasticity, Tensile Strength, Elongation, Aging In Air, Hot Sticky, Easy Expansion In Mineral Oil Or Gasoline And Dissolved, But Not Alkali Resistant To Acid.

Advantages: Good Elasticity, Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance.
Disadvantages: Not Resistant Weather Fastness, Not Oil Resistant (Resistant Vegetable Oil)

Natural Rubber Can Be The Materials Of Natural Rubber Tape, Rubber Hose, Rubber. Natural Rubber Is Suitable For Damping Parts,Natural Mould Rubber Parts Used In Auto Brake Oil, Ethanol In The Liquid With Hydroxyl.



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