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PE Insulation Tape ( Polyethylene Insulation Tape )

PE Insulation Tape Is A Kind Of Strip Anti-Corrosion Material, Which Is Formed By Hot Laminating The Base Film With Butyl Rubber As The Main Adhesive Layer And Co Extrusion. The Anticorrosive Coating Structure Is a Composite Structure Composed Of Primer, Anticorrosive Adhesive Tape (Inner Tape) And Protective Adhesive Tape (Outer Tape), Or An Anticorrosive Coating Structure Composed Of Primer And Anticorrosive Adhesive Tape.

Polyethylene Insulation Tape Is Also Known As Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Tape, Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Tape, Polyethylene Cold Wrapping Tape, Cold Wrapping Tape, Composite Polyethylene Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Tape, Etc. It Has The Characteristics Of Good Insulation, Good Anti-Corrosion Effect, High Mechanical Strength, Collision Resistance, Aging Resistance, Small Water Absorption, Convenient Construction, Safety And Health, Wide Application Range, Long Service Life, Etc.



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