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Polyethylene Bond Tape ( PE Bond Tape )

Polyethylene Bond Tape ( PE bond tape ) Construction Shall Be Carried Out Under The Environmental Conditions Recommended In The Manual Provided By Our Company, And The Construction Temperature Shall Be Higher Than 3 ℃. When The Weather Is Windy And Sandy, Rainy And Snowy, There Is No Reliable Protective Measures, So The Construction Should Not Be Carried Out On Site.

Surface Pretreatment Of Steel Pipe
Before Derusting The Steel Pipe Surface, The Welding Slag And Burr On The Steel Pipe Surface Shall Be Removed, And The Oil, Grease And Any Other Impurities Adhered On The Steel Pipe Surface Shall Be Removed By Appropriate Methods. Spraying (Throwing) Method Should Be Used To Remove Rust On Steel Pipe Surface. The Derusting Grade Shall Reach Sa2.5 Specified In Rust Grades And Derusting Grades Of Steel Surfaces Before Painting (Gb / t8923); When Electric Tools Are Used For Derusting, The Derusting Grade Reaches St3. After Derusting, The Sharp Part That May Stab The Anticorrosive Coating Shall Be Polished. And The Abrasives And Dust Adhered On The Metal Surface Are Removed.
The Time Interval Between The Pretreatment Of Steel Pipe Surface And The Application Of Primer Should Be Controlled Within 4h, During Which The Surface Of Steel Pipe Should Be Protected From Moisture And Pollution. Before Applying Primer, If There Is Rust Or Surface Contamination, The Surface Must Be Pretreated Again.

Primer Application
Before Use, The Primer Should Be Well Mixed. The Primer Shall Be Applied Evenly, And There Shall Be No Defects Such As Missing Coating, Clotting And Sagging. The Brushing Thickness Shall Be Greater Than 30 υ m. In General, The Brushing Amount Is 10 ~ 12m2 / l.
After The Surface Of Primer Is Dry, Anti-Corrosion Tape Shall Be Wound To Prevent Surface Pollution.

Tape Winding

The Unwinding Temperature Of Adhesive Tape Should Be Above 5 ℃. Special Winding Machine Or Manual Winding Machine Should Be Used For Winding Construction. When Winding Adhesive Tape, If There May Be Gaps On Both Sides Of The Weld, 30-50 Mm Wide Tape Shall Be Used To Fill Both Sides Of The Weld. When The Spiral Welded Pipe Is Wound With Adhesive Tape, The Winding Direction Of Adhesive Tape Shall Be Consistent With The Welding Direction.



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