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Pipe Guard Tape | Polyethylene ( PE ) Guard Tape

Pipe Guard Tape | Polyethylene ( PE ) Guard Tape Is Widely Used In All Kinds Of Places That Need Guard, But We Have To Pay Attention To Some Matters In The Process Of Using Polyethylene Guard Tape, Otherwise It Will Affect Its Use Effect.

1, When The Weather Is Cold, The Ambient Temperature Is Lower Than 10 ℃ Or The Guard Tape Is Hard At The Beginning Of Winding, In Order To Ensure The Good Adhesive Strength Of The Guard Tape And Remove The Water Vapor On The Surface Of The Steel Pipe, The Blowtorch Should Be Used To Preheat The Surface Of The Steel Pipe (If Necessary, The Roll Head Of Each Roll Of Guard Tape Should Be Baked) To Ensure The Winding Effect.

2, For The Weld, If Necessary, It Is Better To Use 30-50 Mm Wide Narrow Guard Tape For Reinforcement, First Cover The Weld, And Then Use Hand Or Wooden Smooth Tools For Compaction.

3, Use Appropriate Machinery Or Hand Tools To Spiral Wrap The Guard Tape On The Primed Pipe According To The Lap Joint Requirements. The Guard Tape Should Maintain a Certain Tension Force And The Force Should Be Uniform To Make The Guard Tape Layer Closely Connected. The Edge Seam Of The Guard Tape Shall Be Parallel And Shall Not Be Twisted Or Wrinkled. There Should Be More Than 100 Mm Overlap At The Joint Of The Two Ends Of The Guard Tape. If Necessary, Paint Primer On The Base Film At The End Of The Previous Section Of Guard Tape Or Bake It Fully. After The Surface Is Dry, Lap The Starting End Of Another Section Of Guard Tape. The Beginning And End Should Be Pressed Tightly With Smooth Wooden Tools To Prevent Them From Warping.

4, The Use Of Machinery Is a Powerful Measure To Ensure The Quality Of Guard Tape Winding. It Is Difficult To Achieve Uniform Surface Quality And Consistent Tension Force By Hand Winding Guard Tape. Only Under Special Circumstances, When Mechanical Construction Can Not Be Carried Out, Manual Winding Guard Tape Can Be Used, But Narrow Guard Tape Should Be Used.

5, When The Guard Tape Is Prefabricated On Site, The Cold Or Hot Winding Construction Can Be Adopted, Which Can Be The Pipe Rotation (Manual Rotation Or Electric Rotation) Or The Winding Equipment Rotation, And The Pipe End Shall Be Reserved With 150-200 Mm Welding Reserved Section.

6, The Guard Tape For Joint Repair, Elbow And Through Wall Shall Be Narrow In Width As Far As Possible.



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