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Pipe Thread Tape | Polyethylene ( PE ) Thread Tape

Pipe Thread Tape | Polyethylene ( PE ) Thread Tape Was Introduced Into China To Replace The Three Oil And Five Cloth Process And Become a Mainstream Anti-Corrosion Process. The Old Polyethylene Cold Winding Tape Structure Is a Composite Structure Of Inner And Outer Tape, Which Is Called Inner And Outer Tape.
During The Construction Operation, a Layer Of Primer Should Be Painted On The Steel Pipe First, Then a Layer Of Inner Thread Tape Should Be Wound, And Then a Layer Of Outer Thread Tape Should Be Wound. The Inner Thread Tape Plays An Anti-Corrosion Role, And The Outer Thread Tape Is Mainly Used To Protect The Inner Thread Tape. The Combination Of The Two Forms a Strict Anti-Corrosion System. Butyl Rubber Is Generally Used As The Main Raw Material For Inner And Outer Thread Tape Adhesive. With The Development Of The Industry, 600 Type Polyethylene Cold Winding Thread Tape Has Been Developed. The Difference Between The New Cold Winding Thread Tape And The Old Inner And Outer Thread Tape Is That The Adhesive Is Asphalt Modified Butyl Rubber.

In The Form, Because Of The Strong Viscosity Of Asphalt, The Finished Thread Tape Adhesive Is Wrapped And Covered With Isolation Film, So As To Avoid Mutual Adhesion And Unable To Separate, So That The Construction Can Not Be Carried Out. Due To The Gelatinization Process Of The New Cold Winding Belt, The Thickness Is Generally Large, Such As 0.7mm, 1.15mm, 1.4mm. During The Construction, Only One Winding Is Needed, And There Is No Need To Wind Repeatedly.
The Old And New Polyethylene Cold Wrapping Thread Tape Have Their Own Advantages And Disadvantages, So It Is Necessary To Choose The One That Is Good For You During Construction.
From The Production And Construction, We Can Know That The Two Kinds Of Polyethylene Cold Winding Thread Tapes Meet The Requirements Of Sy / t0414-2007 Standard. Although The Composition And Structure Are Different, The Anti-Corrosion Effect Is Equally Excellent. Both Of Them Have Their Own Advantages And Disadvantages. The Inner And Outer Belt Is a Composite Structure Of Anti-Corrosion Materials, So The Cost Is Naturally Higher. In Addition, The Steel Pipe Needs To Be Wound Twice During The Operation, Which Not Only Makes The Construction Cumbersome, But Also Increases The Construction Cost. Moreover, The Butyl Rubber Has Limited Viscosity, Which Is Often Not So Firm At The Base Material Lap. If The Construction Quality Is Too Poor, The Anti-Corrosion Coating May Fail, So The Construction Requirements Are Relatively High, But The Heat Aging Performance Of Butyl Rubber Is Better Than That Of Modified Butyl Rubber.

The New Polyethylene Cold Winding Thread Tape Is Convenient For Construction, Only Needs Winding Once, The Comprehensive Cost Is Relatively Low, The Viscosity Of Modified Butyl Rubber Is Also Relatively Strong, And The Anti-Corrosion Effect Is Better. Only In Terms Of Construction, Although It Only Needs To Be Wound Once, It May Be Heavy Due To The Large Thickness, And It Is Difficult To Operate And Inconvenient To Tear Off The Isolation Membrane While Winding. It Is Suggested That Two People Cooperate With Each Other For Construction.



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