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PE Cloth Tape ( Polyethylene Cloth Tape )

PE Cloth Tape ( Polyethylene Cloth Tape ) Application Requirements:
(1) Derusting: Remove The Burr, Oil And Dirt On The Surface Of Steel Pipe And Weld And Dry Them. Manual Derusting Should Reach St3, And Mechanical Derusting Should Meet Sa2 In Syj4007-86.
(2) Apply Primer (Manual Or Mechanical);
(3) Tape Wrapping: The Tape Can Be Wrapped After The Surface Of Primer Is Dry (Generally About 5 Minutes). The Tape Wrapping Shall Meet The Requirements Of Anti-Corrosion Coating Grade And Structure, Referring To Sy / t0414 Standard.

(4) Use The Electric Spark Leak Detector To Check The Whole Line, And The Trench Can Be Backfilled If It Is Qualified.



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