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Polyethylene ( PE ) Pipe Patch Tape

After a Large Number Of Laboratory And Field Tests And Worldwide Application, Polyethylene Tape Has Been Proved To Be In Line With American Federal Standards And International Pipeline Industry Standards. Generally Speaking, Polyethylene ( PE ) Pipe Patch Tape Is The Second Widely Used Position In Pipeline Coating, But It Takes The First Place In Field Construction.

Characteristics Of Polyethylene Tape:
(1) It Is Composed Of Thermoplastic And Has Excellent Chemical Stability, Electrical Properties, Water Resistance And Physical Properties;
(2) Matching With Cathodic Protection;
(3) The Method Is Simple And Practical;
(4) In Terms Of Material Cost, Construction Cost And Additional Cathodic Protection Cost, This Kind Of Tape Is More Economical.

Our Company Can Provide Polyethylene Anti-Corrosion Tape, Pipeline Anti-Corrosion Tape, Polyethylene Tape, Pipeline Tape, Cold Wrapping Tape And Other Product Series Specifications For Our Customers. The Prices Of Different Specifications Are Different. The Following Prices Are For Your Reference Only.

Polyethylene Anticorrosion Tape   T100 Series
T140: Thickness 0.40mm, Width 50, 75100150mm; 900 USD / Case.
T150: Thickness 0.50 Mm, Width 50, 75, 100, 150 Mm; 950 USD / Case.
T180: Thickness 0.80mm, Width 50, 75,100,150mm; 1000 USD / Case.
Polyethylene Protective Tape   T200 Series
T240: Thickness 0.40mm, Width 50, 75,100,150mm; 900 USD / Case.
T255: Thickness 0.55mm, Width 50, 75,100,150mm; 950 USD / Case.
T280: Thickness 0.80mm, Width 50, 75,100,150mm; 1000 USD / Case.
Polyethylene Patching Tape   T300 Series
T360: Thickness 0.60mm, Width 50, 75,100,150mm; 980 USD / Case.

T380: Thickness 0.80mm, Width 50, 75,100,150mm; 1050 USD / Case.



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