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Polyethylene Waterproof Tape ( PE Waterproof Tape )

Polyethylene Waterproof Tape ( PE Waterproof Tape ) Is Mainly Used In Sewage Treatment Plant. In The Urban Sewage Treatment Project, Most Of The Water Pipelines Are Buried Steel Pipelines. The Corrosion Problem Is a Big Problem In The Sewage Treatment Project. The Quality And Life Of The Buried Water Pipelines Directly Affect The Whole Project. Therefore, It Is Very Important To Do a Good Job Of Anti-Corrosion Of Buried Pipeline In Urban Sewage Treatment Project.
The Corrosion Of Buried Pipeline In Urban Sewage Treatment Project Is Mainly Soil Corrosion, Which Is Characterized By Scattered Pipeline Layout And Complex Soil Conditions, So The Corrosion Mechanism Is Complex. Soil Corrosion Includes Electrochemical Corrosion And Microbial Erosion, Which Are Composed Of Salt, Water And Oxygen In Soil And Steel Pipe. Due To The Dense Underground Electrical Facilities And Cables, The Stray Current Corrosion Is Also Serious, And The Pipelines Passing Through The Factory May Even Be Subject To Chemical Corrosion In Acid Or Alkali Medium.
Urban Buried Pipelines Often Cross Roads, Buildings, Rivers And So On, And The Pressure Situation Is Complex. In Addition, The Buried Pipeline May Be Impacted And Crushed By Sand. Once The Buried Pipeline Is Damaged By Corrosion, It Is Not Easy To Check And Repair, Which Aggravates The Corrosion. The Environment Is Often Damaged During Maintenance. Because Of This Characteristic, The Design Life Of Buried Pipeline And Its Anticorrosion Is Generally Required To Be More Than 20-30 Years.

According To The Characteristics Of Urban Buried Sewage Pipeline, Polyethylene Waterproof Tape Of The Pipeline Shall Meet The Following Basic Requirements
1. It Has Good Chemical Corrosion Resistance;
2. Good Insulation Performance And Compactness To Prevent Electrochemical And Stray Current Corrosion;
3. It Is Resistant To Bacterial Corrosion;
4. It Has Certain Mechanical Strength To Prevent Mechanical Damage In The Process Of Handling And Burying;
5. The Construction Is Simple, Safe And Can Meet The Requirements Of Site Construction.
Common Anticorrosion Methods

Polyethylene Waterproof Tape Cathodic Protection Is An Advanced Anti-Corrosion Application Technology, With Good Anti-Corrosion Effect, Long Service Life And Predictability, Which Can Monitor The Operation And Corrosion Status Of Pipeline. It Must Be Used With Anti-Corrosion Coating. Industrial Water Pipeline And Long-Distance Pipeline Are Widely Used, And The Effect Is Good. Matters Needing Attention For Anticorrosion Of Buried Pipeline: Judging From Material Performance, Construction, Cost And Application Effect, Epoxy Coal Tar Pitch Coating Glass Fiber Cloth Coating Is An Ideal Anticorrosion Method For Buried Pipeline Of Urban Sewage Treatment Project. In Terms Of Technical Performance, Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating Is a Kind Of Anticorrosion Method Worthy Of Promotion.

With Cathodic Protection, The Single External Anti-Corrosion Coating Often Has Unforeseen Damage In The Process Of Use, Resulting In Local Corrosion Of The Pipeline. Using Cathodic Protection Can Not Only Improve The Anti-Corrosion Ability More Effectively, But Also Monitor The Corrosion And Operation Status Of The Pipeline On The Ground, Accurately Design And Predict The Service Life Of The Pipeline, Which Is More Suitable For The Application Of Urban Sewage Treatment Engineering. When Cathodic Protection Is Implemented, The Number Of Sacrificial Anodes Should Be Increased In The Pipe Sections Near Railway And Electrical Facilities. Polyethylene Waterproof Tape Is Used To Strengthen Or Specially Strengthen Anti-Corrosion In Soil With Strong Acid, Alkali And High Salt Content And River Crossing Pipeline Section.



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