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Polyethylene Seam Tape ( PE Seam Tape )

Polyethylene Seam Tape ( PE Seam Tape ) Is Mainly Used In The Anti-Corrosion Work Of Pipelines. Its Brightness Is One Of The Factors To Measure The Performance. The Brightness Of The Anti-Corrosion Cold Wrapping Tape Is Mainly Determined By The Smoothness Of The Roller Surface In The Production Of The Base Film. However, The Brightness Of Anti-Corrosion Cold Tape Is Not The Brighter The Better. The Brighter The Tape Base Film, The Better The Smoothness, But It Is Not Conducive To The Peel Strength Of The Tape Lap Area.

Polyethylene Seam Tape In The Actual Production, Whether Pure Raw Materials Or Recycled Materials, As Long As The Surface Smoothness Of The Roller In The Base Film Equipment Is Maintained, a Brighter Base Film Can Be Obtained. The Impurities In Some Recycled Materials Are More, Which Often Pollute The Roller, So The Brightness Of The Base Film Made Of Recycled Materials May Be Poor. Cleaning The Contaminated Roller For Many Times Can Effectively Improve The Brightness Of The Substrate Surface. It Should Be Noted That Plasticizers Are Not Generally Used For Anti-Corrosion Cold Wrapping.

The Excellent Cold Wrapping Tape Of Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Should Not Only Meet The Product Quality Standard, But Also Be Convenient For The Actual Operation And Construction Of Workers. Similarly, The Softness Of Anti-Corrosion Cold Wrapping Tape Is Not The Greater The Better. Too Much Softness Will Reduce The Tensile Strength And Impact Resistance Of The PE Seam Tape.



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