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Rubber Liner ( Rubber Lining Plate )

Rubber Liner ( Rubber lining Plate ) Has The Ability To Protect The Metal Skeleton From All Kinds Of Medium. According To Different Working Conditions, Various Specifications Of Rubber Lining Plate Are Designed.The Rubber Lining Plate Produced By Our Company Is Well Used In The Field Of Wear Resistance.
Production Process:
1, Design Drawings: According To The Working Conditions Of The Environment To Design The Appropriate Drawings, And Split Into Steel Skeleton Drawings And Rubber Drawings.
2, Rubber Lining Plate Steel Skeleton: The Use Of Carbon Steel Plate For Steel Skeleton, Welding Place In Line With The Drawings Of Steel Skeleton, Steel Skeleton Drilling, Welding Screw.
3, Choose The Right Kind Of Rubber Lining: Wear-Resistant Rubber Lining, Oil Resistant Rubber Lining, Corrosion-Resistant Rubber Lining, High Temperature Rubber Lining, Sea Water Resistant Rubber Lining.
4, Produce Rubber Lining Raw Materials: So That The Technical Parameters Of Rubber In Line With Working Conditions.
5, Rubber Lining Plate Steel Skeleton Outside The Surface Cleaning Sand Blasting, Rubber Lining Board Steel Skeleton, No Impurities.
6, On The Rubber Lining Plate On The Hot Vulcanization Lining, Must Ensure That The Bonding Firm, No Rubber Separation.
7, Rubber Lining Plate Edge Angle Repair, So That The Overall Rubber Lining Meet The Requirements Of The Drawings.
8, On The Other Side Of Rubber Lining Plate Steel Skeleton, Anti Rust Spray Paint, Be Sure To Ensure That In The Course Of Transportation, Rubber Lining Plate Without Rust.
Rubber Lining Advantages:
1, Low Energy Consumption, The Physical Density Of Rubber Is 1/6 Of Manganese Steel, Reducing The Weight Of Machine Equipment, Thereby Reducing The Load Of The Motor, Saving Energy, That Is, Reduce The Cost.
2, High Wear Resistance, Shock Resistance
The Rubber Lining Plate Adopts The Special Formula, Through The High Pressure Vulcanization Processing, The Wear-Resisting Performance Enhances Greatly, The Service Life Is 1.5-2 Times Of The Manganese Steel Lining Plate, The Rubber Itself's Special Elasticity Buffer, Greatly Reduced The Intense Impact Force.
3, Low Noise
The Collision Between Steel And Rubber Itself Reduces The Noise, And Rubber Itself Has a Sound Insulation Effect, To Some Extent, Stimulate The Enthusiasm Of Employees, And Indirectly Improve The Production Efficiency Of Enterprises.
4, Easy To Install
The Rubber Lining Plate Is Light In Quality And Does Not Need Special Tools For Installation. The Utility Model Has The Advantages Of Convenient Operation, Greatly Reducing The Downtime And Improving The Operation Efficiency Of The Enterprise.
5, Corrosion Resistance
Manganese Steel And Acid, Alkali, Salt And So On Can Produce Replacement Chemical Reaction, Accelerated Rubber Lining Plate; And Rubber Lining Board Itself Through Special Process Formula, With Corrosion Resistance, Thus Prolonging The Service Life Of Lining Board.



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