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Polypropylene ( PP ) Pipe Adhesive Tape

Polypropylene ( PP ) Pipe Adhesive Tape In Normal Operating Conditions And Service Conditions, There Are Many Factors Affecting The Adhesion, To Understand These Factors In Order To Select The Appropriate Polypropylene Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Tape, Give Full Play To Its Adhesion.
1.Ambient Temperature. The Environmental Temperature Changes Greatly In The Four Seasons Of The Year, And The Initial And Lasting Adhesion Will Decrease When The Temperature Is Low. When The Ambient Temperature Cannot Rise, Other Measures Can Be Taken To Make Up For It, Such As Increasing The Temperature Of The Coating Water And Heating It With Infrared Ray, So As To Increase The Temperature Of The Surface Of The Adhesive And The Tape Itself.
2. Environmental Humidity. The Standard Ambient Humidity Is 60% - 70% Rh, And The Humidity In Humid Environment Is Above 90% Rh. At This Time, The Bonding Speed Is Low, But The Lasting Adhesion Is Improved. The Humidity Of Dry Environment Is Below 50% Rh, At This Time, The Initial Adhesive Force Is Strong. In The Process Of Operation, The Amount Of Coating Water And The Opening Period Should Be Controlled.

3. Water Temperature. The Higher The Water Temperature Is, The Stronger The Initial Adhesion Is. However, When The Water Temperature Exceeds 40 ℃, The Lasting Adhesion Of Polypropylene Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Tape Will Decrease After a Certain Opening Period. Therefore, Water At 20-40 ℃ Is Generally Used. Avoid Using Boiling Water Even In Winter.



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