Wear Resistant Linings

  • Polyurethane Lined Pipe ( PU & Urethane )
Polyurethane Lined Pipe ( PU & Urethane )

Polyurethane Lined Pipe ( PU & Urethane )

  • PU Lined Pipe Or Urethane Lined Pipe
  • DN 100 To DN 900
  • 3M To 12M
  • Flange Connection
  • Description: Polyurethane Lined Pipe ( PU & Urethane ) Be Made Of Carbon Steel Pipe And Polyurethane Lining. Have Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Anti Fouling, Radiation Resistan
Polyurethane Lined Pipe Be Made Of Carbon Steel Pipe And Polyurethane Lining. Polyurethane Lining Materials Should Be High Wear Resistance, High Elasticity, High Anticorrosion, So That Make Sure Polyurethane Lined Pipe Can Have Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Anti Fouling, Radiation Resistance, Hydrolysis Resistance, High Elasticity, Resistance Mechanical Shock Performance.
Polyurethane Lined Pipe Is One Of Main Wear Lined Pipe On The World(The Other Kind Of Wear Lined Pipe Is Rubber Lined Pipe).
When The Conveying Medium Is a Fluid Containing Large Particles, And The Lining Of Polyurethane Pipes Will Be Substituted In The Process Of High Pressure And High Speed Transportation.
When The Conveying Medium Contains Small Particles (More Than 80% Of The Particles Under 200 Mesh), Under The Low Pressure (Below 2.0mpa) And Low Flow Rate (<1.8m/s), Soft Medium Transport Process, Polyurethane Lined Pipe Is Less Economical And Practical Than The Rubber Lined Pipeline

Working Principle:

Polyurethane Is Active Elastomer Materials.
When Polyurethane Is Subjected To External Force, The Polyurethane Shape Changes Later Than External Force Time.
So That It Can Turn Most Of External Force Into Polyurethane Lining Pipe Heat. And Send Heat Out.
The Rest Of The External Forces Bounce Back To The Transport Medium.
So As To Achieve The Role Of Wear-Resistant And Impact Resistance.
So We Usually Choose Polyurethane Lined Pipes As The Best Choice In The Wear Resistant Industry.
Polyurethane Elastomer Lined Pipe, Wear Resistance, Corrosion Resistance Is Very Good.Cpu Polyurethane Elastomer Is The Best Wear All Elastomer . Under The Wet Working Conditions, The Polyurethane Lining Pipe Has 10 Times More Wear Resistance Than The Rubber Lined Pipe, And Has Good Cushioning And Absorbing Energy Performance;
Polyurethane Formulations Can Be Adjusted, Hardness Change. From Shorea20 To Shorea 95. Shorea20 Can Be Applied To The Printing Machine Of Soft Rubber.Shorea 80 Can Be Used For Bowling. In High Hardness Polyurethane Shell Case, Polyurethane Rubber Lined Pipe Can Still Maintain Good Flexibility.
Excellent Mechanical Properties: High Tear Resistance And High Carrying Capacity, No Cracks In High Load
Superior Corrosion Resistance: Resistant To Most Corrosive Acid (Moderate Intensity), Alkali, Salt, Water Etc. Polyurethane Rubber Lined Pipe Can Be Immersed In The Medium, Excellent Anticorrosive Materials.
Polyurethane Elastomer Lining Pipe Processing Method Is Simple And Convenient, Easy To Use Automation, Continuous Production. Because Polyurethane Raw Material Is Liquid, It Can Be Measured, Mixed And Poured. Polyurethane Elastomer Is Easy To Operate, Without Heating, Does Not Pollute The Environment, So That Labor Intensity And Energy Consumption Is Greatly Reduced. By Adjusting The Control Of Polyurethane Elastomer Materials And Formulations, Make Sure It Has Special Properties.

Working Performance:

1, Good Wear Resistance
Because The Lining Polyurethane Pipe Has Better Elasticity
When The Polyurethane Lining Pipe Is Impacted By The Medium, The Polyurethane Is Forced To Compress Under The Action Of External Force, And After The External Force Disappears, The Polyurethane Is Restored To Its Original State
This Property Of Polyurethane Lining Pipeline Greatly Reduces The Direct And Strong Erosion Of The Medium On The Inner Wall Of The Pipeline, And Makes The Polyurethane Lining Pipeline Avoid Wear And Tear, And Its Wear Life Is More Than Ten Times Of That Of The Steel Pipe
2, Anti Scaling
The Polyurethane Elastomer Has a Symmetrical Molecular Structure And Is Non-Polar To The Exterior
Polyurethane Lining Pipeline Can Not Form The Adsorption Of Ca2, Co32-, Hco3 And Oh Plasma In The Slurry
Polyurethane Lining Pipe, The Inner Surface Of The Smooth, Good Elasticity, Can Prevent Fouling Layer Attachment
Therefore, Polyurethane Lining Pipe Has Better Anti Fouling And Scaling Properties
3, Large Conveying Capacity
Polyurethane Lining Pipe Surface Is Smooth, Transparent, The Absolute Roughness Of The Wall Is 0.082, Can Reduce Operating Costs
4, Good Water Resistance And Good Aging Resistance
Polyurethane Lining Pipes Do Not Swell In Water And Affect Service Performance
5, Combine Well
The Lining Polyurethane Is Closely Combined With The Steel Tube, And The Polyurethane Elastomer Reaches 100% Of The Steel Tube
The Integral Flange Process Prevents The Lining Of Polyurethane Pipes From Falling Off, Leaving Voids And Partial Tearing
6, Light Weight And Easy Installation
The Polyurethane Lining Pipeline Selects The Thin Wall Steel Pipe On The Basis Of The Working Pressure, The Weight Is Relatively Light, And The Time Base Connection Method Can Be Adopted: Flange Joint, Flexible Pipe Joint, Welding Connection

Main Application:

Polyurethane Lining Pipeline Has Excellent Abrasion Resistance, Acid Resistance, Alkali Resistance, Anti Fouling, Radiation Resistance, Hydrolysis Resistance, High Elasticity, Mechanical Impact Resistance And Other Comprehensive Performance
Polyurethane Lining Pipes Are Widely Used In Power, Coal, Mining, Building Materials And Chemical Industries To Transport Pulverized Coal, Ash, Mineral Powder, Aluminum Liquid, Slurry And Other Abrasive Particles And Corrosive Media
Power Industry:
Ash Disposal Pipeline, Waste Water Recovery Pipeline, Acid Medium Delivery Pipeline In Thermal Power Plant. Polyurethane Lining Pipeline Reflects Superiority
Coal Industry:
Wet Coal Handling Pipeline In Coal Washing Plant. Sediment Backfilling Pipeline In Coal Mining
Mining Industry:
Iron Ore Pulp Pipeline, Mine Concentrate Pipeline, Tailings Pipeline, Mine Flotation Closed Loop Pipeline, Water And Sediment Transportation Pipeline For Gold Mining
Building And Chemical Industry:
The Conveying Polyurethane Lined Pipe Of The Coke Particle In The Steel Plant, The Conveying Polyurethane Lined Pipe Of The Pond In The Aluminum Plant, And The Conveying Polyurethane Lined Pipe Of The Pulverized Coal In The Cement Plant,
Polyurethane Lining Pipes Deliver Solid, Liquid Pipelines Containing Corrosive Acids, Bases, Salts, And Corrosion

The Polyurethane Lined Pipe In Petroleum Production, The Silt Removing Polyurethane Lined Pipe, The City Water Supply Pipeline And The Aluminum Liquid Transportation Polyurethane Lined Pipe Have Obvious Effect.



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