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PE Tarp Repair Tape ( Polyethylene Tarp Repair Tape )

PE Tarp Repair Tape ( Polyethylene Tarp Repair Tape ) Sometimes Blisters After Completion. The Reasons For This Phenomenon May Be That The Primer Is Not Evenly Painted During The Construction Process, The Anti-Corrosion Tape Is Not Tight When Winding, The Tension Is Not Enough, And The Anti-Corrosion Pipe Is Damaged Due To Stacking, And There Is No Sunshade Net Cover. Next, Becker Takes You To Analyze The Causes Of Polyethylene Tape Foaming.

1. The Surface Pretreatment Quality Of Steel Pipe Shall Reach St3 Level Specified In Gb / t8923-1988. After Rust Removal, Primer Shall Be Applied. The Surface Of Steel Pipe Shall Be Dry And Dust-Free. The Primer Shall Be Evenly Mixed In The Container Before Use. The Primer Shall Be Applied Evenly Without Defects Such As Missing Coating, Clotting And Sagging. The Thickness Shall Be Greater Than Or Equal To 30um. After The Surface Of The Primer Is Dry, The Cold Winding Tape Shall Be Wound (The Time From The Completion Of The Primer Painting To The Winding Tape Is About 3-5 Minutes).
2.When Winding, The Polyethylene Anti-Corrosion Tape Shall Be Tightened To Increase The Tension And Exhaust The Air Between The Tape And The Pipe. The Overlapping Length Between The Beginning And End Of The Tape Shall Not Be Less Than 1 / 4 Of The Circumference Of The Pipe And Not Less Than 100 Mm. When Winding, The Tape Shall Not Be Twisted And Folded, And The Tape End Shall Be Pressed To Prevent It From Warping.
3. The Stacking Layer Number Of Anti-Corrosion Pipes Shall Be Based On The Principle Of Not Damaging The Anti-Corrosion Layer. Different Types Of Finished Pipes Shall Be Stacked Separately, And Soft Materials Shall Be Padded Between The Anti-Corrosion Layers To Avoid Damaging The Anti-Corrosion Layer. The Stacked Anticorrosive Pipes Shall Be Covered With Sunshade Net To Avoid Direct Sunlight For a Long Time.

4. When The Weather Is Hot Or Sunny, There Are Often Bubbles. Due To The Elasticity And Self-Healing Ability Of The Tape, These Bubbles Can Disappear By Themselves. This Situation Should Not Be Defined As a Quality Problem. If There Are Permanent Bubbles, Like Wrinkles, They Should Be Removed And Repaired.



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