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Polyethylene Sheeting Tape ( PE Sheet Tape )

Polyethylene Sheeting Tape ( PE Sheet Tape ) Market Situation Is Mainly Reflected In Quality, Price And Service. However, The Price Is The Secret Of Each Manufacturer And The Industry. In Terms Of The Current Market Price Of Polyethylene Anticorrosive Tape, The Price Gap Is Very Large. What Are The Reasons For The Big Price Gap?
1. The Raw Materials Of The Products. The Executive Standard Of Polyethylene Anticorrosive Tape Is Sy / t0414-2007. Our Factory Strictly Follows The Standard, That Is, The Back Material Of Polyethylene Anti-Corrosion Tape Is Polyethylene Film, And The Material Of Adhesive Layer Is Butyl Rubber. And Some Ultra-Low Price So-Called Polyethylene Anticorrosive Tape, Their Material Is Pvc, Not Polyethylene. The Adhesive Layer Is Hydrosol Instead Of Butyl Rubber. When Purchasing, We Must Do a Good Job In Testing And Identifying The Manufacturer.

2. There Is Short Weight In Delivery. Some Bad Manufacturers Attract Customers By Low Prices, And Then Maximize Their Interests By Means Of Short Weight. In View Of This Phenomenon, We Solemnly Declare That The Quantity Of Your Goods Has Been Determined, And Strictly Prohibit The Change.



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